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  1. Hi everybody.I finally got around to posting on here after signing up back in November,or October.Got a bonus check from work and bought my 1st new firearm in many years.I wanted something that my wife could enjoy shooting,the .22 rifle was getting lame for her and the 12 ga. she don't like the kick.After some research and great reviews,we settled on the HP 4595TS.Got it back in October from CTD.Haven't shot it yet,I got the week of Christmas off and will go to the range with it then.It came with the HP foregrip and we've purchased a few extras for it.
    Look forward to reading everybodys post on here.Thanks for the invitation.
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    Welcome to the forum!..... Nice to have you.

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    Welcome convert to the 45 side of force. Take lots of ammo you will need it.
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    Cool gun! Welcome to the forum! :)
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    Welcome from the great southwest!

    I don't know how you can buy a new gun and not be chomping at the bit to go to the range. I usually can't wait a day. You're going to love the 4595ts.

    Fun fun fun
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    from the home state of
    Hi Point
    "THE" Ohio State Buckeyes
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    Welcome to the forum-addiction from the north side of tulip town.
    Lots of great info to be found here.
    If your close by, let me know and maybe we can meet sometime at TCGC..
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    Welcome to the youth from adrian mi.....we really need a MI get together
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    Welcome. :wavey:
  10. Well,it's been busy at work,and the wife has been working weekends.I don't have the heart to shoot it the 1st time without her.Shes also got Christmas week off and is excited about going to an indoor range.We usually go up North to a freinds property but we wanted to try a indoor range this time and it's cold out anyway.I have a feeling that she'll be laying claims to thiis rifle!But that's okay.I haven't had a new handgun since 1975.Hi Point makes them too! At a price I can afford.
  11. Will do BobboJama.
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    I picked up a 4595 and thought I would never own a Hi Point pistol. Well that lasted almost a year and a half and I picked a NIB JHP for 148 OTD. Well the guys and gals on the forum were right:eek:, it is a very good shooter and doubles as club. I also like the fact that it uses the same mags as the carbine. Enjoy it and be safe there are lots of dumb people out there.
  13. Thanks for the advice planosteve.I never had a lot of time or money to enjoy firearms,back in the younger days.But now that I have a little of both and am older,it's good to enjoy something other than bowling or golf.Lol
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    Would we lie?
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    Welcome and congratulations on the 4595. I really enjoyed shooting mine. Until I sold it to MachoMelvin lol.
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    THANKS SteveC!!!!
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    My husband and I both have a HP 4595TS. We stripped them down and repainted them to camouflage. We both like the gun but I would suggest you get a cheek pad (especially for your wife). After shooting mine multiple times my cheek bruised up. Welcome for the frozen tundra of North Dakota!
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    Welcome to the forum....JHP owner myself.
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    Welcome from the GREAT STATE of TEXAS

    Welcome!! :d
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    Welcome to the nuthouse. Enjoy the ride:eek: