Hello new owner here I bought a .380 ACP.

Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by Psychoholic, May 20, 2020.

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    Hello I recently bought a .380 and it shoots great. I wanted to know how often do you clean yours and what do you use?

    It's my first firearm I'm fairly comfortable and confident with it so far it's had a few feed problems with the 10 round clip with 10 rounds in it so I need to figure out what going on with that. So I'm gonna need to do some reading around here.

    Any tips and pointers would be greatly appreciated. Think I'm going to put my ghost sights on it and see how that shoots.
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    Welcome. There are a bunch of folks here that can get you going. That said search the site and you will find nearly all your questions answered multiple times.

    I'm not an expert on the pistols so I will step aside. Someone else will weigh in soon. I hope you enjoy the site!

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    welcome.jpeg Welcome to the zoo. Hi Point says run a cleaning jag down the barrel after a range session. At about 15,000 rounds, send it back for a deep clean and refurbish. DON'T get wrapped up in tearing it down after every outing - it isn't necessary. Keep some oil on the slide and shoot the crap out of it. As for the mags - that's the weak point of these guns. Load all of your mags and let them set. Keep them loaded between range trips, the shoot the crap out of them. They'll wear in. If you're still having problems after 3-400 rounds, let us know. STAY OFF YOUTUBE! Much of what's on there is bullstuff. Hope this helps
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    Welcome to the forum.
    JHP .45 owner here out of Florida.
    I think the HP manuals recommend a disassembly every 1000-1500 rounds.
    These guns are not precision pieces of machinery and will function very dirty.
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