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    I;ve been trying to hammer out the slide pin to clean the gun well and it WILL NOT budge :x I am following the guide on this website and nothing! Please someone some advice!!

    Also, when the safety is on I can still engage the trigger with minimal force and then it sticks in the pulled position..WTF??? And, I don't know if this is normal or not but I can dry fire my HP, something I've never been able to do. W/O a mag in it I just pull the slide back and pull the trigger and "click"??? I couldn't do this when I first bought it.

    Please some advice. :)
  2. I would say something is def wronge, i dont know the answer but it sounds like a problem you will have to send back to the company =(

  3. Some thing is going on there. I would send her in and get it checked out. Sorry I don't have better advice for a quick fix. Maybe some one will catch this and have a quick one for ya to get you shooting quick!!! Good luck
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    Did you take the grip panels off? If so, the magazine block thingie is out of position: thus, you can dry fire without the mag inserted.
    As far as the pin: Make sure that the slide is COMPLETELY free of the hole on the other side. If you don't have more than 1000 rounds through it, I wouldnt recommend it. But hey, each to his own.
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    I have about 1200 rdds through it. I think its goin back...I got the slide off and cleaned her but not the trigger pulls easy no matter what, and even with a round in the chamber it won't fire :roll:
  6. Rule #1: Since there is no need to break down a HP, don't. This is going to be posted once every week because people do it anyway, and then mess it up. HPs are not made to take down.

    Rule #2: If there is any issue with the gun whatsoever, send it back to HP who will service and clean it for FREE. No questions asked.

    Rule #3: Copy these rules and paste them for the next 3 guys who post on the board this week that they took their HP apart and are now stuck.
  7. Sounds like there is a little more going on there than a simple mistake assembling. Let us know what happens