Help? Hiding my C9

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    I need suggestions on where to "hide" my C9 from the grandkid and grab-and-run thieves but still make it easily retreived when something "goes bump in the night". Wife says the nightstand is definitely out and so is under the bed. Gunsafes and other lock-boxes are not in the budget and I rent so installing something isn't feasible.

    Let me tell you guys what I'm doing now and tell me if there is something better for little or no bucks. (I may have actually seen something similar to this on a website but I can't remember.) We have a walk-in closet in our bedroom that has clothes rods running down both sides. I put the C9 in a small canvas bag and hung the bag on a sturdy hanger. It is hung just inside the door on the left, next to the interior wall. I can reach through the doorway and around the corner, sliding my right hand along the inside wall til I feel the bag and then slip my hand inside. All this is done without having to turn on a light or even enter the closet, thus keeping my eyes towards the hallway.

    I can't see the grandkid showing any interest in something hanging up in the closet or a BG shuffling through clothes. What do you guys think?
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    You should go to your local sheriffs office and get a free cable lock just in case he does come across it.

    Hiding stuff from kids doesnt work,especially this time of year.

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    Also, Talk to the kid about gun safety. I started preaching to my daughter when she was 5.
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    Hiding guns does not work. Kids will find things that are hidden in the best of hiding places.

    Thieves will do the same thing, only they will tear the house apart in doing so.

    Let your Grandkids know that you have a gun, where it is, and that it is OFF LIMITS, teach them to respect the gun, and that it is NOT a toy. Keep the gun locked whenever the grandkid is in the house.

    For protection against night-time home invasion, make a habit of taking the gun lock off and putting the gun in an easily accessable location. Looking for the key, finding the gun, unlocking the gun, finding the magazine, inserting the magazine, and chambering a round takes a lot of time and dexterity in the dark. If you ever need it, chances are you will need it quickly. Practice accessing the gun in the middle of the night in the dark. If you can't find it and use quickly it in an adrenaline filled situation, it won't do you any good to have it in the house at all.
  5. Mount an Uncle Mike holster on the back of your bedroom mirror high enough to be out of reach of little fingers. Put your C9 there when you aren't carrying it.
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    I forgot to say that right now, he is only 3 and I seriously doubt he could rack the slide but he WILL get older and more curious.
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    Talk to the kid. Tell them to come and get you if they see it, or any gun.
    When old enough- At some point, you are going to have to show them the gun- gotta clear the curiosity, emphasize SAFETY.
    This is a good site to start

    I just ordered the HOMAK mini pistol safe. Might not help prevent burglars, but keeps the kids at bay (for a while). You can bolt it to a bookcase next to your bed and hide it with a picture frame or something. I'll let you know how it works out.

    Except for my HD gun, store ammo in a separate place, preferably locked.
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    I like all the suggestions that I have read. Hiding stuff doesn't work, kids always find things. Don't you remember finding your dad's stash of Playboys as I'm sure most of us can attest to. I know you said a safe is out, however a small lock box is not as expensive as you might think. I have a small lockable safe that holds two pistols and is keypad activated. I paid $59. Here is a lockbox for $39. Although, you have to use a key. This is a less efficient way to store for home defense. [​IMG]

    Here is a different one that is keypad activated for $79

    I'm not so concerned about a theif, more about my son's friends coming in. In my experience, it is not the kids in the home who "play" with the firearm. They usually know about them if you are open and honest with them and even let them handle them when you are present (unloaded obviously). However, the friends that come over and find it, those are the ones to watch closely.
  9. Sportsman Guide has the mini-Homack for around $30. It's got an electronic keypad and can be bolted down. It will hold one pistol (small) and you can choose the code.

    Nothing else will keep the kids or burglers out unless it's even more extensive.
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    Maybe one of those picture frames I have seen in Sportsman's Guide or elsewhere that open to reveal a hidden compartment to store a handgun in. You can mount it high enough to keep it out of junior's grasp at night near the bed when you might need it. But please keep it locked up when he is possibly active and on the "prowl".
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    Thanks guys, all the input is greatly appreciated!
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  13. Well here goes. You are always Responceable for your WEPON NO Matter What the cituation IS. That means at all TIMES.
  14. I agree with you, but not everybody does. :shock:
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    The best way to store your gun is in a safe. I know of a guy who had a new electrical service installed. He left the old fuse box in place and turned it into a "safe" complete with fuses. Also never keep ANY ammo with your gun when you are not around. Obviously you are going to have it loaded and nearby for things that go bump in the night, but even then it should be in a locked box of some sort. It is worth the investment to buy a small gunsafe that you can keep next to the bed. Preferably with a touch lock. You do not want to fumble with a key in the dark at night.

    As far as the kids, go to the NRA website. They have a TON of information for helping kids to learn gun safety.
  16. I am of the belief of education is the best way. When I was 7 I got my first bb gun and when I was 9 I got my first 22 rifle. If you teach them about guns they will listen. I always knew where my dads and grandpa's were and never had a problem.Honestly it could be a good thing that they know where it is if a situation ever arrises were you can't get to it and they can. well there is my $.02
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    If you want to pursue hiding it in the closet, I would suggest hanging an old jacket or shirt over the hanger with the gun on it. The best way to hide something is to make it look like something else.
  19. I keep mine in a lockbox on a high shelf in my clost. Ammo stored in gym bag on high shelf in clset.