Help... Intersted in buying hi point 9mm carbine

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by cardsfan, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. cardsfan

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    Seen one for 230 today how reliable are they is there ally of custom parts to it
  2. Fishy1

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    You won't regret it for $230. Browse the forums a bit...or a bunch. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking about the custom parts. The gun itself is pretty simple. There are some different stock options for the 995 that will add can kinda go nuts from there. Again...browse the forums.

  3. I am going to pick one up these week and from what I have read and what people that own them have told me they are extremely reliable. This is a pretty good review, it is making me question whether I should bother with getting a red dot or just use the irons. [ame=""][/ame].
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  4. I run both irons and a red dot, the irons and red dot are zeroed at about 40 yards or so, I run a laser zeroed at 7 yards for HD.
  5. ArmyScout

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    The Hi Point website has some accessories for sale.
  6. Not much in the way of aftermarket parts for the Hi Points but they're fun guns to shoot and have probably the best warranty/service reputation of any fire arms manufacturer. There's a recent post showing the check off list for a Hi Point that was bought used and sent back for refurbishing. Check it out, they probably replaced over 50% of the gun with new parts. You won't get that kind of service anywhere else.
  7. RobbK

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    The best gun you can buy for the price heck it could be more expensive and still be worth it!!
  8. Asturcon

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    Get it. I got mine a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. I find myself taking three guns to the range but I only shoot my 995ts, it is too much fun. I had very good time customizing it too.
  9. MachoMelvin

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    Just like Lay's Potato chips, You can't own just one!
    21 & counting?
  10. kevin6154

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    Buy it! You will love it!!!


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  11. bersa2

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    Bought mine used about 4 years ago, I have never cleaned it. 0 malfunctions, 100% fun.
  12. RobbK

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    The Hi Point carbines are the best spent money in the pistol caliber rifles class hands down.
  13. rmuniz9336

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    Buy it

    I've carried more than a few carbines in my career and this one is light, effective, and reliable.
  14. SteveC

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    Yes reliable. Great warranty. Fun to shoot, and with 9mm it's affordable fun.
  15. panoz77

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    Where did you find a TS for $230? Is this NIB or used? Private party?

    I see a couple lightly used ones in the Columbus area for around $250 on armslist.
  16. undeRGRound

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    Yes, I paid about $255 otd about a year ago, and I have never seen anything new at that level. (7% tax)

    230 NIB is great, must be used or NIB and a motivated seller!

    SNAG IT!
  17. Fishy1

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    I don't see where the OP stated it was a TS or whether it was new or used. My guess is a used classic...Id personally pay $230 for either.
  18. panoz77

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    $230 for a used classic is a ripoff. About $150 or less is all I'd pay for a classic.
  19. Fishy1

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    To each his own...I have paid more than that for a classic and much less than that for a TS. I never felt ripped off on any of them.
  20. MachoMelvin

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    I have bought 2-995 classics for $125 each, and several others between $150 to $225. I have picked up 2 Chromes for under $200 each. I recently picked up a 995TS w/forward grip for $175. But, before I made home I traded for 300 rds of 308/762