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    Hey! Im new to the site. I joined because I find this forum very informative and friendly. I don't own a Hi point yet, but I've had interest in them since I was a kid.
    That being said I'll jump straight into the topic. I'm in the market for one of the carbines, but I can't seem to decide which caliber.

    That goes into the use for this gun. I intend for it to be my woods/truck/boat/camping gun. Of course I want to have fun plinking too.

    I do a lot of solo adventuring in pursuit of fish, and scouting for hunting on public land. Occasionally I run into the odd problem. I've walked up on meth labs in the woods, and found that less than comforting. On top of that I encounter Feral hogs and coyotes often, I take those opportunities to hunt them. When I camp in more remote areas there are also black bear and wolves.

    I carry a 44mag or a 12ga in bear territory. But how do these different calibers preform from the longer barrel? Im personally leaning towards .45, but its just such a slow round. 9mm is cheaper, and faster but how well does it preform against .40 and .45 for my use? Is the performance of the new 10mm worth the cost and availability? Is it ethical for hog encounters out to 70yards?

    I know I could use all kinds of other guns, but this gun is going to take abuse. And I cant justify beating the hell of an $800 AR or AK in my canoe. And I just want one of the carbines, they look like a ton of fun.

    I look forward to hearing anything. Thank you.
  2. moona11

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    Wait for the 10mm to come out if you can't get the 4595

  3. Seems to me that for your purposes you'd want something in a folding or takedown rifle instead.
  4. greg_r

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    Personally, my favorite Hi Point carbines are the 4595 and the 3895. I just like the 45acp and the 380acp is just a baby 45! Also personally, the only Hi Point carbine I own is the 995. My carbine is basically just a plinker and the 9mm just made sense.

    In your case though, I would not consider the 380, 9mm or the 45. The 45 would come closest, but I am just not a fan of the 45 for pigs, those armor plated buggers will just stop the old slow and fat cartridge. You would be better served with the 4095.

    Actually, considering your stated use of the carbine, the pigs at 70 yards thing would suggest you wait on the 1095. I personally would not shoot a pig beyond about 40 yards with the 40 S&W. I think the 10mm would be the ticket.

    FWIW, I have seen one hog shot with a 40 S&W. Handgun was a shield. Range was about 20 yards. Couldn't ask for better performance. The pig was DRT, although I do believe luck played a small part in it.
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  5. SWAGA

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  6. greg_r

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    The problem I think is the feral hogs. A mature one can have a gristle plate an inch thick or more. I like the 250 grain SWC hard cast out of a 45 Colt (Ruger loads only) at between 1200 - 1300 fps. Matter of fact I have quit using the 45 Colt, preferring the 300 grain WFN 44 Magnum at the same velocity.

    You will be lucky to even get 1100 fps out of the 45acp with a 250 grain bullet, even out of the 17" barrel. Plus the bullet needs to be of the SWC or TC design to cut through the gristle plate. You will likely need at least a RF to feed through the carbine. I don't know of any TC designs for the 45acp heavier than 230 grains. The wound caused by the RF will likely close up after hitting the pig. I'm not saying that the 45acp will bounce off a pig, but I think there is soon to be a better choice for pigs, especially at 70 yards as the OP specified, than the 45ACP. FWIW, my hunting loads for the 45acpbrevolver is the 250 grain hard cast SWC in Auto Rim cases at about 900 fps. The 1911 gets the 230 grain hard cast TC at about the same velocity. I use them for deer at less than 40 yards.

    The 10mm, according to BBTI will push the Buffalo Bore 180 grain load to over 1500 fps out of a 17" barrel. That's going to be the medicine for piggies at 70 yards!
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  7. SWAGA

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    Which begs the question if the HP carbine series is really the right gun for the job.
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  8. shepherd321

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    Your already covered with the 12g using slugs.
  9. cruiser

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    I would definitely pick-up your High-Point as you are right, they are loads of fun.

    Reading your post and all the possible scenarios, the one that stuck out for me was running across the drug locations. I personally would want more than a 10 round hand gun caliber weapon. I would want at least what I think the possibility of someone else having along with the 30-40 round magazines. You can pick-up AR's that would suite your purpose in the $400 to $550 range I think.
  10. SWAGA

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    Interesting comparison out of a handgun and these are not Buffalo Bore +P but ‘regular’ Underwood hard cast.

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  11. WECSOG

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    A 255 grain Keith bullet will feed just fine, and the 4595 has been proven to handle .45 Super loads which trounce any 9mm, .40 S&W or 10mm load. Buffalo Bore's load with 255 grain hard cast bullet does 1280 fps from a carbine barrel.
  12. cicpup

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    Is it? What will you be shooting at that has the ability to outrun it?
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    Thanks for the advice so far everyone. So I guess I was a little ambitious with the hog idea.

    So .40s&w and 10mm seems to be the tickets so far. These are 2 calibers I've never shot. I know 10mm is a hard hitter but, Aside from hunting how well does .40 do with the 17" barrel?
    Is 10mm easy to find from store to store?
  14. Orion27

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    Lol nothing will out run a .45, its how hard that it connects that I'm not sure of. I still have favor the idea of lobbing a big heavy hunk of lead downrange.

    I suppose the I'm more curious how quickly .45 loses energy at longer range from a carbine. I've shot my friends Kimber 1911 at the range but we were stuck on the 15 yard range. I never got to stretch the round out.
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    Get something that can outgun the meth cookers.
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  16. SWAGA

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    That’s 3 hits out of 7 with slow as snot no brand FMJ’s out of my JHP at 100 yards.
    My ballistics calculator is showing a drop of 10 inches and a loss of about 100-150 ft-lbs at 100 yards for a 255 grain .45 with 1100 ft/sec muzzle velocity.

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  17. greg_r

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    You can actually watch a 45 slug travel down range with the light just right. Thats not the case with faster rounds.

    Again, I use the 45 to hunt with, but out of handguns. I like to stay within 40 yards. I don't like to shoot pigs with the 45 acp either, my sidearm of choice is the SBH 44 Magnum with a WFN loaded to max. I have seen a 180 grain JHP out of the 44 Mag get stopped by the gristle plate. Classic example of the wrong bullet being used, but stopped nonetheless.

    I would prefer to keep the 45 out of the carbine to 50 yards or less. That's piggies though. Deer, yotes, and other like critters, i would maybe push the 45 out to your 70 yard mark.

    The 45acp does not gain as much from a longer barrel as some cartridges do. Its kind of like the 300 BLK, it works well in shorter barrels.
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  19. greg_r

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    The 45 would likely close up.

    That .40 though looks like the ticket!