Help me do the math here.....

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  1. Loading oh lets say.....9mm. how many rounds should I be able to load with only a pound of powder?
  2. Jarhead1775

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    There is 7000 grains to a pound. FOR EXAMPLE ONLY: If you were loading each case with 4.5 grains you can load 1555 rounds.
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  3. Ari

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    Yep that is it. divide 7000 by your load and you got it
  4. Jarhead1775

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    For me Bullseye powder go's the farthest (Load more bullets per pound).
    Especially in .38 Special.
  5. Yup, 7000 grains to the pound. On average, around 1500 rounds per pound.
    On lighter charges, it can be over 1750 rounds per pound.

    I'm getting 1944 rounds per pound out of my 38 special using Bullseye powder.

    In contrast, I'm only getting about 118 rounds per pound of powder from my 30-06.

  6. With my .50 AE loads, I get 250ish loads per pound of H110. I am gonna be switching to a different powder though.