Help me find a nice scope for my new one!

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    Ok, so I should be picking up my new Savage 111 in 30-06 in a few days and I am wanting to get a nice scope for it. Going with the standard 3-9x40 but not sure of brand and what not, tried researching it on the net and didn't really find a whole lot of information. This rifle is going to be my all around hunting setup.

    Now I am not going to go cheap on the scope, a crap scope makes the rifle worthless, at the same time I am not willing to give my right testicle up for a scope.

    I have a few generic ideas on what I would buy, but some advise from those of you with more knowledge than I would be great right now!

    So if you had a little money to spend on a pretty decent scope setup, what would you buy?
  2. I have a Savage 30-06 which came with a Simmons 3-9x scope on it. It didn't last two months before the crosshairs went diagonal inside the scope. I have a cheap Simmons Blazer 3-9x 50 scope on it now, but I'm looking at one of these for it.

    I really like the optical quality of Bushnell scopes. For the price, you can't beat it. There's hardly any difference in quality between them and the Leupold scopes.


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    I did a bit more research last night and found this scope, but was able to find it a little cheaper than midway is selling it for.

    I read a lot of fantastic reviews on it and people seem to be talking about how great it performs, keeping up with a lot more expensive scopes, and even beating some of them.

    I think I will be giving it a shot. Plus it comes with one hell of a warranty.
  4. Man, some of the scopes at the Shot Show were so expensive, holy crap!!! Personally, I like Bushnell as well, but I would really like something with an objective lens larger than 40mm. I like 3x9x40's for just about everything, but sometimes you need a better view, especially for long range shooting. I was thinking about putting a 6x12x60 on my 7mm Rem Mag for long range Elk and Antelope hunting....
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    Here's my addition:

    On my Remington ADL 700 .30-06, I have a Sightron 3X9 X 40 scope. Sightron is an up and coming optics company. I bought this rifle/scope combo back in 2004 from Sportsman's Warehouse in Anchorage. Here's some 'net links about Sightron:

    I've shot this rifle several times now at the range and it works great! Also, Sightron has a life-time warranty on their optics--if anything should ever go wrong, just send it back to the factory and they'll replace/repair it for free!

    I'll see if I can find some more info on it...



    Jag 8)