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Help me get to the ejector please!

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I have been having the problem that biggunz had with the round going in the chamber part of the way but still being hung. I think I may have the ejector problem but I can't get the slide off the gun. The plate thing in this pic

(ganked from Primal's thread) is giving me trouble. I don't know how to get it off and I don't want to break anything. halp halp!!11
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you slide it towards the rear of the receiver. The first couple of times I tried to take mine apart that thing was pretty tight. You may way to you a screwdriver or the flat edge of the hi-point tool to give you some leverage on it.
Yeah I've tried pushing it off with the hi point tool thing but it's kindof an awkward angle and I can't seem to get it. Will it hurt to push off against that silvery thing that is sticking out?
Well I finally got that thing to slide back by applying a hammer. Now the top part won't "lift out" like it says in the tutorial thing. I tried applying a hammer to that too, but it doesn't budge. Are these things always this hard to take apart?
I had to use a punch to get my friends out!!!! just make sure the slide is all the way back. Get it with a puch a time or two and it will come right out.

Also after that it comes right apard no issues. It was the only time we had problems was the first time. Them it came apart with out tools.
AGH I finally got it out! I had to fiddle with the slide back and forth while pushing on it with all my might. Finally when it came loose, it came loose. I almost launched it across the room. No damage done, just some minor scratches on the thing that the barrel is stuck on (love that technical terminology). I got it apart and filed on the ejector for a while to remove 3 little burrs on it. Hopefully that will stop my jamming problem. While it was apart I went ahead and oiled it up real good. I'm gonna let it sit for a while then put my shiny new trigger on :)
check to make sure that your firing pin isn't bent while you've got it apart. My slide has loosened up a ton over the past year or two, but I still occasionally have to fidget with it to make it come out.
Thanks for the advice, I did check that while I had it open. I made sure to oil around that area too.
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