Help me help a brother out.

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  1. Just had a conversation with one of my brothers in NYS who just got his carry permit. When I suggested he go to a rental range to try out a few models before buying. He said all the ranges in his area had closed due to recent laws.
    So where in the Rochester or Canandaguia (other brother live there) areas could one go to shoot a variety of handguns? Or is this a no-go?
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    Tell him to Escape from New York. That place is an anti gun hell hole.

  3. Yes

    No doubt. But that probably not gonna happen. The family has been there for centuries.
    NYS is kinda like the tail that wags the dog: the vast majority of the state is pro-gun but the power base is anti-gun. It is a model for complacency allowing the minority to supersede the common will.

    I miss NYS for cheddar cheese, maple syrup and apples.
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    He'll just have to do lots of reviewing online and coon-handing in the LGS :D
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    I'd call it the perfect mixture of willful ignorance and effective propaganda. They've actually convinced people that they need to almost completely give up one of the first rights guaranteed by the constitution in order to be safe despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    The communists would be proud.
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    I wish I could help but not my territory - that sucks that he has no place to shoot and try out poor little guns with no homes:( Gun stores are like pounds but with guns. When you leave with a new family member you don't have to worry about it ripping up the couch.
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    Holy Cow !!!! I just searched fun ranges in Rochester NY and there are tons and tons of them!!!!