Help me ID this 7.62x54r (black case)

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  1. sunkenloot

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    I picked up two packs of this today mainly because I have never seen any surplus 7.62x54r like this with a jet black case.





    I dont know what this is either but got a few of these also. Doesnt seem as out of the ordinary as the black case but thought I would post as well.


  2. Ari

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  3. sunkenloot

    sunkenloot Guest

    I think we have a winner for the black case, "1959 Ball Double Circle headstamp" from China.

    Yup, and the second checks out as bulgarian.

    Great Links guys, thanks!
  4. The black case is interesting looking ammo. I wish I could find neat stuff like that around here
  5. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    ive had turk ammo that had very similar headstamps to the second case as well.

  6. sunkenloot

    sunkenloot Guest

    I know of a few local places that stock small batches of surplus. The only problem is none or the shooting ranges will let me shoot it. I mainly shoot the Silver bear soft tips but, I just cant resist picking up a few packs of surplus when I see it. I really would like to shoot some of it to see what kind of results I get. Some people tell me it is a bit louder and can pack more of a kick. I get real tempted to slip a few in but, since I dont know the damage potental first hand I play by the range rules.

    I went and put about 80 rounds thru her today. I just added a scout style scope mount and was shooting dead nuts at 50 yards. I cant wait for a nice day at my outdoor range to go up to 100 yards. I was cycling at a fairly rapid clip and she got so warm some of the cosmoline started to seep out. heh..

    Got my 10/22 dialed in as well. The range I was at allowed rapid fire provided you can control it. With a few 25 round clips and one 50 rounder that little sucker will shred papaer at 50 yards on rapid fire.
  7. Strangerous

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    Wow, I'm going to do this with some of the "WTF" .45 ACP ammo... just to expand my knowledge...
  8. JasonJ

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    well the thing about the surplus ammo versus modern versions.. is that pretty much 100% of the surplus stuff was military yeah, it can pack a bit more punch.

    especially when talking about the 7,62x54r.

    why wont the range let you shoot it?
  9. sunkenloot

    sunkenloot Guest

    I have been to two indoor and one outdoor range and they all say ricochet. I can understand at the indoor places but, the outdoor range suprised me a bit. Oh well their range, their rules. They are charged with keeping everyone safe. I appriciate the job they do with some of they yahoos that show up on the weekends.

    I have a buddy that is on a deer lease who says he wouldnt have a problem with me using it (not for hunting) so I may get to shoot some eventually.
  10. Mike_AZ

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    A lot of the surplus stuff, has a steel core and some ranges consider it to be "armor piercing."
  11. JasonJ

    JasonJ Member

    but if youre shooting into a berm.. which is at least a 15ft high 20ft deep pile of dirt.. how is it going to ricochet?
  12. sunkenloot

    sunkenloot Guest

    I think they see that mosin belching flames and donkey punching me with the silver bear soft tips and must figure if I used some good heavy FMJ surplus it might just punch a hole thru their puny 20ft dirt pile. :roll: ..

    Never fails, the mosin is usually on of the loudest guns on the line and someone always has to remark "that guy has a cannon down there" then have to come down and ask me about it.
  13. DRoCk

    DRoCk Guest

    I've shot nothing but surplus through my 2 MNs. The guns do sound like cannons with surplus ammo. I have noticed a little tendency to ricochet of my dirt backdrop.