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    I have been trying to clean my C9 compact with more than just a bore snake. I have had no success getting the slide off. The pin just doesn't want to come out and I'm afraid of breaking it using more force than I have been. Any suggestions? I've been using a allen key that I used to put the sight on but it's just not comming out.
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    Drop what you are doing to the gun call Hi-Point and have them help you through the processes.

  3. easy answer - don't do it!

    I have close to 2000 rounds through mine and all I do is Remington cleaner, long Q-tips, bore brush, rag, reach what I can, lube, cycle a few times, wipe off any excess, load it and store it.

    You really don't need to remove the slide - maybe not ever! Just clean it frequently, reach what you can using tools and move on. Some folks use foaming cleaner and I might some day - maybe after I have my first failure! [I've been lucky]
  4. If you go to a medical supply house you can get those really long cotton swabs like doctors use. You can reach everywhere with those. Preobably pharacies have them too.
  5. If you are using an allen wrench to drive the set pin out and it won't work, use a small punch, as that one is probably too big to fit in the hole. You really don't need to take that gun apart but once very 2000 rounds, so you can afford to let it slide for a while.
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    I would suggest not useing a allen key. And to use a punch.

    Just My 02.

  7. +1
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  9. Straight from the horses mouth:
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    Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 11:19 AM
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    Subject: Re: Cleaning Instructions

    Dear XXXXX,

    Although some customers who have Hi Point Firearms are capable of it, MKS recommends that you do not take the gun apart. The exploded view in the manual is not intended to be a detailed disassembly guide. It is really just to note the basic steps for those who feel qualified. The way MKS recommends to clean a Hi Point is to blow the inner area out with a mild aerosol solvent once or twice a year. (Of course wear eye protection). This gets out any accumulated grime and dirt that may have been attracted and held in there by the oil. Clean the barrel with a good bore solvent after you get home from shooting. This is all we do after thousands of rounds of shooting. Oil lightly, and the gun is ready for the next session of shooting. If you feel that you must take the gun apart, but need help, please phone the factory and talk with a mechanic there. They can be reached at (419) 747-9444 Mon.-Thurs. 7am-5pm EST.

    Hope this helps!

    MKS Supply, Inc.
    Marketer of Hi-Point Firearms

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  10. +1 on the punch vs. allen key thing.

    Another problem I've had, with two separate C9s, is that when the slide is locked back, the notch doesn't quite clear the pin. In fact, it may look OK on one side, but you may be driving the pin against the other side of the slide. So... check that, and if that's the problem, wedge a piece of cardboard between the safety lever that the lock-back notch to force the slide just a smidge further back.
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    Thanks fellas. I've elected to just use a bore snake and q-tips. I only wanted to field strip it because I bought it used and wanted to make sure everything was what and where it should be. But I guess that's just my ocd comming through. As I've seen from this forum and talking with other Hi-Point owners my concerns are pretty much unfounded.
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    I've only had my C9 apart one time and that was just because I needed to polish the feed ramp.

    I use the cleaning rod from the Bianchi M-12 (milsurp) holster I am using. By the way the C9 fits in it quite well.

    Fire at least 50 rounds through the gun and you will know if any adjustments or cleaning are needed. As you will find most feed problems are due to the magazine not seating fully. Tap the bottom of the magazine after installation and it normally is fine. I rarely have any problems with mine. Occasionally the feed ramp may need a light polish but that is just about it.

    Get out to the range and enjoy thumbing your nose at the gun snobs.
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    i use an ultrasonic cleaning bath on mine but only after usually 500 to 700 rds. only took mine apart 1 time and that was for the feed ramp polishing and i would like to thank all those who came before me on this forum that guided me by reading all their threads on that subject