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  1. Ok, I have a small student loan to the tune of under 3K. Was through Bank Of America. In December, I began trying to pay off my loan, but Bank Of America said I didn't have it through them and NMSU needed some long lost pin number or for me to come down, neither were happening since I moved to NC. So shortly after, I get a report on my credit report that I owe Stone Gate Mortgage the amount of my student loan. GREAT, someone bought my loan, and I can pay them. Well they have no idea what I'm talking about, they don't do student loans. I call them a few more times then get the owner who informs me that he's getting alot of calls, several every day, someone screwed up somewhere and now he's getting all these BOA loan calls. I dispute it, they say I owe nothing, the waiting game continues. Then this other company, ACS sends me a letter to my new address, so I call them up and they tell me that they will get rid of the late charges and send me a new printout and I can pay. Will I get the new printout with late charges still on it, plus it now posted to my credit report. So I call them up hoping they would say "oops, our bad" and get rid of it all. I talked to several people who all tell me they had been calling me and blah blah blah and if I don't pay up, they will garnish my wages. I have the money, want to pay, stressed this to them, yet they wont budge. So I'm planning on talking to a lawyer tomorrow. Anyone here have any relevant knowledge or experience?