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Help with 1095 Irons

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I got a 1095 the other day and took it to the range to try it out. This is the first gun I've purchased. I started out at 3-5 yards to get a feel for it and noticed that it was consistently hitting low. I tried tweaking the rear sights but the point of impact stayed the same. I raised the front sight post all the way up, and it seemed to help a little, but I was still consistently about an inch and a half low. I tried the rear sights again and decided to just crank them all the way. Didnt notice a change. Thought maybe I was adjusting it wrong and cranked the sights all the way the other way (I've had the rear sights all the way up and all the way down). Still not really noticing a change in my point of impact. I was getting a good solid group, nothing weird to the left or right, just consistantly lower than where I was aiming and for the life of me I couldn't think of how else to adjust the sights to improve the situation. I wanted to move the target further out and get the carbine set for at least 15-20 yards but I was discouraged by being unable to get it sighted correctly so close. I went through a 50 round box of magtech and barely noticed a difference in where I was hitting. Can anyone help me understand what was wrong? Am I doing something incorrect? Is there something I'm unaware of that could help? Before I bought the carbine I had done some research and thought that I came across a video or post somewhere where someone had said they had issues with their 1095 shooting low and they filed the sites down but now that I own the rifle I cant find the source so I'm unsure if that was correct or not. I'm also considering scrapping the irons altogether and just going with a straight red dot, but I wanted to get some feedback first
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Welcome to the group!

A: Do what Rachgeir said. You are too close. And after you get close to the center at 10-15 yards, decide if you want to go out to 25 yards. (I wouldn’t, the 15 yard zero is good, IMHO.)

A 15 yard zero is about 1” high at 50 yards, and might leave you about 4” low at 100 yards.

A 25 yard zero is about 1/4 inch low at 50, but 6.5” low at 100. So “better” at 50, but “worse” at 100.


B: NEVER do what YouTube says, until you check here.👍
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