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  1. breschini420

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    i bought 2 9mm at the same time but waited a little while to shoot
    them. got to the range 2 weeks ago and got ready to start breaking
    them in. the first gun fired flawlessly.......but #2.....all i could get it to
    do was chamber the first round by pulling back on the that
    round would fire....but nothing after that. the case would stovepipe and
    the 2nd bullet would get caught up in there also.....i would have to
    drop the mag to clean the 2 bullets out. then i would start over again.
    i used 4 different types of good ammo.......what do you guys and gals think?

    thanks, andy
  2. Decoligny

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    Have you traded the magazines back and forth between the C9s? This could be simply a case of a slightly out of whack mag. Try it and see. If this is the case, you need to adjust the feed lips.

    If that is not the problem, maybe the feed ramp is not as slick on the one C9. Try polishing them both.

  3. unscarred

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    Sounds like an ejection problem to me. Check for bent firing pin.
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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  5. unscarred

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    How could the mag cause a failure to eject?
  6. breschini420

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    i did not trade mags it is a trip to the range for me on monday
    (any excuse is a good excuse) then if that doesnt to the HiPoint spa to get a good once over. thanks for the advice
    will post on monday after shooting
  7. breschini420

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    oh yeah....i do have a dremmel , but i dont want to polish the ramp
    i will let HiPoint decide whats the right thing to do if the mag isnt the problem.....

    also, if the mag is the problem....will HiPoint replace it for me?

    thanks, andy
  8. Cool! Another newby! By that, I mean that my suggestions are fairly uninformed, and you can take 'em or leave 'em without feeling that you've been had by an expert.

    That said:

    I've had some mag problems on another pistol. For purposes of argument, lets say that this pistol (to which I may or may not admit) was one even more subject than HPs to getting slapped down, say -- oh -- a Jennings .22. And let's say that, hypothetically, it stovepiped like your HP.

    One problem, maybe or maybe nor yours, could be the the mag lips are too loose, and the next round flips up while the previous round is doing its best to eject. But this d___ed pushy wannabe round insists on jumping up and getting in the way! Thereby shoving the expended round into stovepipishness.

    It's happened in JennWorld. Or not: Can't say I've ever been there, in my recollection. :) But I've heard stories...

    Get and use pliers. Oh, and polish the ramp.

    Or, indeed, send it back to HP. If you're not comfortable with fixing it -- and they don't expect you to be -- they'll be happy to take care of it for your.
  9. It sounds like the magazine lips are not adjusted. For a list of solutions, see:
  10. I am sorry but i am new and do not know what "stovepipe" means. could someone help me out?
  11. Corelogik

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    A Stovepipe is when the fired casing gets caught in between the breechface and the chamber. Normally in this instance, the casing has it's empty mouth facing out,... looking like the pip from a wood burning stove, hence the name Stovepipe.
  12. Thank you very much for helping the noob
  13. Welcome funkybassplayer. I play guitar. I know this sounds repeditive but check the mag. And its always good to polish the feed ramp to keep it functioning smoothly
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  15. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! HATS OFF 45Man!!!
  16. the term makes perfect sense. Great visual aid, 45man