Help with my aiming?

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    So I went to the range yesterday and have a question. How do I know what eye to close and what eye to aim with? I was shooting with my left eye closed and everything was going 2-3in to the right. I tried closing the right eye thus aiming with my left eye and bingo. dead on. I am right handed btw. Here is the problem though. That was with my c9. When I shoot my 995 there is no way I can aim with my left eye?


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    You, like me, are left eye dominant. Do what works, OR, train urself to shoot with both eyes open. do a search on left-eye dominancy. Lots of books deal with it, mostly shotgunning sports.

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    maybe getting some snap caps and practicing dry fires might help you train with your right eye. Seeing as how you are left eye dominant you may be inadvertently jerking or thumbing causing your group to wander right. (When using your right eye) So perhaps a litte bit of dry firing and concentrating on not moving the gun while pulling the trigger will help you train your right eye. maybe that would help?
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    When you practice more and get better, you'll be able to shoot with both eyes open.
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    To find your dominate eye do this:

    Extend both arms out in front and bring both hands together and make a triangle opening with your thumbs as shown in the pic.


    With both eyes open focus and center on a distant object. Now close one eye and then the other. When the object is still centered when using just one eye, that is your dominate eye. With your week eye you will/should not still be able to see the object.

    I'm left eye dominate and shoot right handed. This is called cross-dominate and it's not good. While it is a problem, its not an unsurmountable one.

    I have trained myself to shoot two different ways. I have learned how far to tilt my head to the right (bringing my left eye in line with the pistol) when shooting right handed. Tilting the head and getting it right takes allot of practice and is the harder of the two methods.

    I have also taught myself to shoot left handed. This still feels a little weird right now, but is the best and most recommended method. Many shotgunner's will make/teach a lefty to shoot left handed. At first it may be harder and you might not shoot as well. In time you will/should improve greatly over what you had been able to do.
  6. Im all messed up I am right eye dominant, shoot rifles left handed with my left eye and pistols right handed with my right eye. :shock:
  7. Thanks for the discussion. This is very helpful information!
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    The item moves when I close my right eye thus making me left eye dominate. So being a right hand shot how the hell do I shoot a rifle?

    Anyone want to buy a 995? lol

  9. Maverick

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    Get a red dot sight and it wont matter if you use your right eye... $30-$50 and your problem is solved.
  10. IF I am shooting a rifle I use my left eye, if I am shooting a pistol I use my right eye. May be why none of my hole patterns in my targets can be covered with a quarter, but I get the job done
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    My 995 came with a RD but there is something wrong with it, The adjustment knobs dont change anything. I sent it to BSA hopefully they'll send me a new one,

  12. Due to a situation beyond my control, I am left eye dominant. *I was shot in the right eye with a bb gun and have 2 different colored eyes to prove it.* As it happened at such a young age, I was able to teach myself to shoot left handed. Since I had corrective surgury on my right eye last Feburary, I can see well enough to shoot right handed, but don't. It just doesn't feel natural.

    Give your 995 a try shooting left handed. Don't worry about the bolt or the ejecting rounds, I have never had a problem with either of them. See what it's like shooting lefty and you may want to switch.

    My CATM instructor at USAF Basic Military Training told me that if you are dominant right hand and dominant left eye, 9 times out of 10 you are a better shooter. As he explained it to me: Your aiming is being controlled by your left eye = right side of your brain = more stable. Your grip and gun direction = right hand = left side of brain = more creativity = more targets engaged, in less time. Basically he said that you are using both sides of your brain at the same time forcing yourself to be cooperative with each half of your brain. Dominant hand/eye shooters of the same side tend to overload their brain cuz it's only one side of the grey ball controlling everything all at once. Heh, I don't know... That all sounded like BS to me, but I did score high on the M-16 range and had never shot an M-16 or a .223 caliber rifle in my life up to that point.

    Just my $0.02
  13. Thayldt21

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    Used to Qualify inthe army Expert right hand Right eye.
    Sharp shooter left hand left eye.

    Never opisit eye from hand. Never thought about it.

    SHot left for the what if I lost my eye or hand.

    I agree everyone should try the none dominate side. Feels goofy but you get used to it.

    Now every range trip I take I do the right and left swap. Makes it more fun.
  14. My son shoots right and is left eye dom - and he kicks my butt in hand gun. I'm no expert in how to translate to rifle shooting, but I like the red dot idea; gives you a bit more room to work. Good luck - please let us know how you figure this one out as I'm sure you're not the only one with this question.

    Figure it out and Bam, YOU are now the expert on our board!
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    I shoot handguns with two eyes open. It takes a little getting used to before it seems natural, but once you get it down, target acquisition will be faster, and you'll have a much clearer picture of what you're shooting at. The sights are pretty much just "on the way" to what you're looking at. Not necessarily in the periphery, but not your point of focus. You'll also probably tend to see the sights double at first, before you train your eyes to focus the way you want them to.

    I used to shoot rifles right handed with left eye (left-eye dominant), when I just had my 10/22 with a scope. Couldn't get my head low enough to use iron sights.

    Once I started shooting other guns that didn't necessarily have scopes, or that the scopes were too low to do that, I trained myself to shoot with my right eye. But every now and then, when I shoot the 10/22, or another gun with a tall enough scope, I will revert back to my old habit and swing the left eye over.

    I don't shoot any better that way, just habit.
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    I have always been told the opposite. I have always heard you want to focus on the front sight with the target and rear sights blurry.

    No matter how much I have tried and want to… I have never been able to keep both eyes open as I see double targets. I just figured it was how I am, just like my hand/eye cross dominate problem. I have learned to shoot very well, but I think I could do better/faster if I could keep both eyes open.
  17. Uraijit

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    I didn't do a very good job of explaining it. It's really not something you can describe unless you can talk someone through it until they "see it". At least I don't know how to explain it. I just do it :wink:
  18. same here right handed left eye dominant, I shoot rifle's and shotgun's left handed, shoot pistol right handed because lefty just doesnt feel right to me with a pistol but i use my left eye, and somtimes both,
    when i was younger i shot right handed and looked through the scope or sight with my left eye kinda weird but it worked,would not recommend trying that with a high powered rifle though.
  19. I read an article once in which it was being suggested that if you are left eye dominant and right handed, you should try to "cant" the top of the pistol to the left (sort of a 45 degree angle, some folks were suggesting this was a gangster style hold), and that would allow you to better "sight" your target.

    Ijit's method (both eyes open) is also another one sugested as one that might help with the "condition".

    Try them both and/or whatever comes naturally to you and perhaps, that is your what seems natural to you and be consistent.

    Good luck.
  20. bfox48

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    I always wondered when seeing a post about eye dominance .
    If you only have one eye open wouldn't that be your dominant eye ?
    And if your sight picture was good it wouldn't it be a good shot ?

    Thanks Bill