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Help with my HP 9 carbine

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Hello Forum Pros!
I have a 1st gen 9mm HP carbine and I’m having trigger challenges (self inflicted I’m sure). Took firearm apart late last year and finally done re-assemble recently after some polishing and extreme cleaning.
Everything back where it should be and the trigger doesn’t work unless the gun is upside down. The plate pinned to the trigger will not stay pressured against the plate held in place by the seer (sp) pin.
What did I miss? Is there a spring missing somewhere?
I added pictures in hopes that someone knows what I’ve done wrong. Sadly there isn’t a lot of tutorials on these1st gen carbines and have definitely learned they are designed slightly different that the newer ones.
Bicycle part Wood Automotive exterior Auto part Rim

Tool Wood Bumper Composite material Automotive exterior

Thank you all in advance for any help or thoughts. Whoever helps me fix it, I’ll dance at your next wedding lol.
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I strongly agree with this. The only challenge is I have no freakin’ idea what that spring would look like. When I originally stripped it down I didn’t go all the way down to trigger assembly. Any chance this is something that could have fallen out being jarred around? Also, any chance someone could provide a picture of this particular spring?
I have take the trigger apart since and see nowhere a spring would fit or go. But then again I’m old and can’t see good. Lol
If you can't find the spring, call Mom. She'll likely send you one free of charge.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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