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    he guys i need a hand in sighting in my new c9, i was shooting to the left and way too low, the grouping was good so i know it wasnt me, well i hope so anyways, i am new at this so any help with sighting in would be appreciated
  2. When I sighted mine in, I used the bench rest and took my time with each shot, making sure I kept the gun as steady as possible. It is spot on now.

    I also have the habit of jerking the gun before I shoot (although it is happening less and less) thus causing my shots to be low and to the left. Every trip I make to this range, I ask for a specific target that provides immediate feedback on your shot(s). Below is a pic:

    This is the right-hand version

    There is a left-hand version as well. This is the first target I set up. I then fire a full clip, slow fire, to see what's what with my technique/habits.

    If your local range(s) do not carry these targets, you can get them at

    Here is the page where they are located, to save you some clicks:

    They are called "Handgun Feedback Targets".

    Hope this helps some.

    Stay safe and have fun! 8)

  3. My first suggestion would be to get someone else, if possible, to shoot the pistol and see if its you or the pistol. If the pistol hits in the same spot then its time to adjust the sights and use a different sight picture for your elevation.

    There are things you could be doing that could cause your aim to be off.

    Thanks for posting that .40cal, we posted at the same time and I was thinking of that target. :)
  4. No problem, mister! It has been extremely helpful to me and has built some confidence in my shooting ability that I don't think I ever had with a handgun.

    Back to topic: I agree with waltham41 to have another shooter fire a few rounds to check the sights. As well, it may be helpful for someone to watch you fire the gun. They will notice "quirks" that you may not. That's how I first learned that I was jerking the pistol down and to the left as I pulled the trigger.
  5. My Dad and I share a laser bore sight. It has saved me many many rounds at the range trying to sight in my C9. Basically it fits inside the barrel and the you aim your gun at something about 3 yards away and adjust your sight so the red dot is right at the top edge of the front sight, this is only my preference. Then move to something about 7 yards away and do some more adjustment, usually minor. After that move on to something 15 yards away, by then it should be fairly well sighted in. My C9 is dead on every time I have used this technique.
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    Start close and work out. Should not take long.
  7. My buddy was/is having the same problem shooting his 45 ACP Hi-Point. I shot his pistol and told him that it had to be him. I was hitting dead on with it.

    He was doing like you shooting low and to the left.

    We haven't been back to the range yet. But I plan on taking some targets like the one pictured to see how he does.
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    thanks guys

    thanks for all the helpful tips!!! ill let ya'll know how it goes next time around
  9. I tried sighting in my C9 a couple of weeks ago. I never could get it right, shot up all of my ammo trying, except for the "reserve" ammo that I keep back so that I don't have to have an empty gun. I just made a minor adjustment after my last shot. this time around I was taking coke cans powerade bottles and the occasional antifreeze jug down at 15- 20 yards, consistently. I guess that last little adjustment paid off.