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    Now that I've had a little more range time, I thought I'd write my review of the Henry US Survival rifle. I had heard that since Henry took over this rifle they had made some improvements, but most of the stuff you see online is from people who had one when Charter Arms was making them and it wasn't good.

    When I first got it I put 100 rounds (over two days) of CCI mini mags through it without a glitch. But what gun doesn't work good with mini mags? Today was a little warmer out so I took and put about 150 rounds of Federal HP bulk pack through it. Only two FTF because of short cycle. This isn't bad considering my Ruger SR22 doesn't do this good with Federals and it's got 1000s of rounds through it.

    Although the front sight is plastic and you can use your thumb to drift it over, it doesn't move while firing. The barrel nut has stayed tight while firing unlike some of the old reviews talk about. The trigger pull is not wonderful but you really don't notice it much when your squeezing off shots. Besides, it's a survival rifle not a bench rest target rifle.

    I put a pop can out at 15 yards and put a couple shots through it. Move it out to 25 yards and shot it a few more times. Then out to 50 yards and I was still hitting it without a problem. I haven't tried it past 50 yards yet.

    I have to give this rifle a thumbs up. It does what it's supposed to. It packs down small enough to fit into a back pack. It seems dependable. And it will easily take small game out to 50 yards or further.



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    I have to agree with MXGREG,, I have 1 of every AR-7 manufactured,, from Armalite, Charter Arms,, Survival Arms,, and 2 from Henry,, with 1 from Henry with every mod that AR-7 Industries has to offer..

    The Henry,, in its orignal configuration,, and the original Armalite are the best shooters.. The others,, don't know what they did to them,, but anything you can think of going wrong with them shooting,, will go wrong..

    I don't know how they run on any other ammo,, I only use CCI Mini-Mags in my.22 auto loaders,, and anything in my bolt and pump .22's

  3. Is this similar? Charter arms explorer II in 22 lr.[​IMG]
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    ArmaLite designed the AR5 in the 1950's. Although adopted by the military I think few if any were issued. In the late 1950's ArmaLite modified the 22 Hornet chambered AR5 to the 22 Long rifle chambered AR7 for the civilian market. They also Sold a version to the Israeli military, these had a shortened barrel and a telescoping stock.

    In the early 1970's, 1973 IIRC, Charter Arms acquired the rights and manufactured them until 1990. I do not know when the Explorer II became available.

    In 1990 Henry acquired the rights and have been making them ever since.

    The ArmaLites are collectable and a good one can fetch around $400. A bunch of the Israeli guns were imported, but had a extention permanently attached to the barrel to comply with NFA regulations.

    Don't know much about the Charter Arms version, but they were not as well respected as the Armalites or Henry's.
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    Yes,, exact same action,, except in pistol form.. The only difference made was to the barrel connection point,, and the barrels,, so that they could not be interchangeable
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    NE Utah
    I have a Charter Arms and a Henry.

    The CA will double, firing on trigger reset. I've eyeballed the insides against my Henry, can't see the problem, but I haven't mic'ed it out.

    The Henry holds a spare mag inside the butt, the CA doesn't.
    The CA barrel won't fit on the Henry action...I tried, because my Henry front sight is adjusted so far it almost falls out of the slot.

    I really don't appreciate the guns much. Neat, but just not that good.
    The Ruger takedown is MUCH more gun....but then, it's 50% more money, and doesn't get as small.

    I'd love to try the Marlin Papoose, it's the take down model for the Marlin guys, but it's out of production too.
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    I think that might be specific to your two firearms.

    I have both CA and Henry and find the parts interchangeable. I mix and match the barrels to the receivers all the time.

    My CA butt stock also has the slot for the extra magazine.

    The only real difference I have found is that the Henry is set up so one can store the receiver in the butt with a magazine in place as well as one mag in the slot. That allows one to carry two fully loaded magazines in the disassembled application.
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    Charter Arm's production of the AR-7 is tied to the success and failure of the company's fortunes, stopping production and returning several times during the 1970-1980's time period.

    This meant that as the company prospered or failed so too the quality of its firearms - most notably, the AR-7 was affected with good quality and poor.

    My current AR-7 is made by Henry and has a fixed front blade, came with two 8-round magazines and a rear peep sight. It is grooved to take a scope or other optics.

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    NE Utah
    Interesting! Wonder if it's a year of build thing, or what?
    Maybe YOUR guns are odd ones?:p

    Extra...or only? Since it won't hold one in the magwell, right?

    Umm....yeah...thus the comment that the Henry has room for a spare mag.;)
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    The current Henrys will store with one mag on the action with slots for two more mags. They only come with two, but I ordered one more off Ebay.
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    Henry makes a great gun, I have the basic lever action .22,
    and can put holes in pop cans at 100 yds using a 3x9/40 scope
    and it will do 4" groups on paper