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  1. I have always been a fan of Hi-Points. I bought one as my second gun ever buying and shot it about a year with out ever really thinking about it. I ended up trading my first HP, a 45 Carbine, about 3 years ago for a .308 Bull Barrel Single Shot NE Arm's. A few years passed and I recently turned 21, I was out on the hunt for a carry pistol and ended up getting a gift from my girlfriend of a Beretta Bobcat 22LR. I am not one to sling my Johnnies with firepower so it was great and decided to look for a larger caliber handgun and ended up picking up a CF380 new for 160 with a box of ammo. I bought the CF380 because my past with HP was EXCELLENT, not a single issue or failure to fire in the 1500 rounds I put through my first carbine. A couple days ago I came across another 4595TS and had to have it, being low on money I made a trade offer for a Mossberg 715T for the HP and the guy accepted. I am now two HP's deep and planning on my next being a 45 Pistol. Anyways, I will be cruising the forums picking up hints and tricks for now on, planning on making a barrel shroud before very long. Anyways, here is for pictures!

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    Welcome to...errrr back......errr.... Well crap, welcome!

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    Buy the .45 ACP (JHP) with the Security Pack.
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    WELCOME from the home state of Hi Point!

    Do I smell ADDICTION?
  5. Welcome.

    LOL years are a lot longer when you're 21. 4595s came out, what, three years a ago? Enjoy.
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    Good, another young fellow. Stick around, you'll be just fine

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    Welcome to the site
  8. Welcome and goodluck on your collection, it gets fun. :D
  9. Good trade IMO. semi-auto 22's are a dime a dozen used and there are more on the market every year.

    Welcome to the forum. There are a few of us young guys on here.

    I like the set up on that 4595 aswell, just remember the deadliest accessory for a HP carbine is the awesome skull sticker. You should get one. (Not really don't put one on, you will be laughed off the forum ;) )
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    Who put all this plastic skulls everywhere. I remember those pics...

    Also, what counts as "young people"?

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    You already have several accessories on the 4595TS. Looks good. Did they come with the trade, or did you add them after getting the carbine?
  12. Thank you for the warm welcome guys. I am not a sticker fan, so none of those haha.

    I got the 4595TS shortly after it came out according to the gentleman selling me the gun.

    I will be adding to this gun, maybe a different front grip but not positive on those.

    I do have a question, how are the 14 round magazines for these firearms. I saw mixed reviews from threads but the threads were older, is there any update to these?
  13. Everything pictured came on the carbine. My first one had iron sights and the stock forward grip.

    I had to negotiate hard for the red-dot but ended up being convincing for it.