Here we go again...

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  1. Tornadoes been touching down, heavy storms, 11 dead, count expected to rise. People trapped, rescue efforts underway. Just been put on alert *sigh*. So much for a relaxing weekend.

    ...on the plus side, it looks like FEMA might already have teams in the area... so I might not go... but not counting on it. Stay dry!
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    Stay safe down there. Might consider putting in a storm cellar if you haven't done so already.

    Keep your head down and be careful. 8) 8) 8)

  3. Just got the call. Hopefully I'll have internet acccess... but if not, cya'll in a few weeks!
  4. Please stay safe, & let us know how you're doing.

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    Good luck! Keep us updated when possible.
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    That blows (Hey! a Pun!). Keep us updated.
  7. Father in laws house took a direct hit from a funnel. Severe damage. He said there is no way he can fix it.

    He got to the hidy hole but lost all of his pets. Wife is really bummed out about that, he had a little dog that when you were leaving, would sit up and cross its paws and wave bye to you, its gone, along with his other dog, pet turkeys and peacocks.

    Neighbors mobile home is now in his yard.

    But he is alive, and a lot of other people are not, so he has that to be thankful for.

    I was down in the shop putting a kit in a guys carb on his truck, and it started hailing quarter size hail, and with the metal roof of the shop, it sounded like the inside of a drum being wildly beaten. Wind started screaming and made me nervous. Door faces to the north, so I could not see what was comming at me from the south west. Ground was covered with hail like it had snowed.

    Was standing at the door of the shop watching the trees whip wildly around, and the rain and I would bet a paycheck that there was rotation, it just didnt come down to the ground.

    Now my frigging wireless router is flaking, I can get on the net by wiring directly to the modem, but have had no luck with the router. Something in the electricity going on and off and on and off quickly messed something up, although I have it hooked through a good surge protector.

    Well, there are my trials and tribulations, I hope the rest of you guys and your families made it through OK
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    Hope you guys stay safe! People may mock us over here for 118 degree summers, but at least you're good if you got a decent A/C unit. Beyond that we don't have much in the way of kill-you-instantly environments.

    Keep us posted!
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    but its a dry heat........ :roll:
  10. Anything over 110 is just plain hot. I have actually had asphalt stick to the bottom of my boots out here on the Holloman flight line.
  11. Good luck out there and stay safe.

    As for temperatures I can rase you all in this game. My family has a wholesale greenhouse operation in the summer time Ive seen it reach up to 140 and thats before the humidity kicks in.
    Hotest outside temp I can remeber seeing was 115.
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    4095fanatic: even if you get 'net access, WE want you back, ok? That means dont do nothing silly out there. You know what I mean.

    Stay safe, be cool, and in the end, Tell us how "boring" it was...
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    4095fan, stay alert and be safe.
    Waltham, I feel for you and your family. I missed driving through a tornado by about 2.5 miles on Sat in NE AR. Luckily I saw spotters pulled off to the side of the road. I will keep your family in my prayers.
  14. 23 mile path of destruction... Right now we're scrambling to tarp damaged roofs so the storms tomorrow won't ruin what's left of the houses. Food, water, and other supplies are being handled by another team. The incident commanders pulled out, so we're in charge until FEMA comes in. Thanks for the well wishes, I'll stay in touch.
  15. 4095 - stay SAFE and we're thinking about you for sure.

    Mr. W. Golly so sorry to hear about the storms and your father-in-law's family. We'll say a prayer for them. We'll say a prayer for all the storm-chasers........
  16. Just got off work. Six hours of sleep, then off for more. Calling for severe thunderstorms, possibly tonadoes tomorrow. Thank God for the Menonites; their crews are really getting things done out there. If not for them I doubt we'd have a shot at getting this done. Stay safe, watch your heads!
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    You have gotta respect people who prepare for stuff.....
  18. Severe storms, 25+ mph gusts, golf ball sized hail, and possibly more tornadoes? I seriously wonder if mother nature has it in for this place...