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  1. DRoCk

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    So its not the best pic, but you'll get the idea. Figured I had better at least throw up one pic... WASR, Yugo SKS, and the evil black gun of the early 90s the Tec-9.

  2. squeak_D

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    Nice pic :) Yeah the old Tec 9 wasn't a favorite in the media nor with law enforement. Personally I like the Tec 9. My local dealer had one last time I was there, and I'm half tempted to buy it.

  3. Ari

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    Can you give us a little better photo of the SKS? The bluing on that one sure looks clean. I sure like the ole SKS.
  4. DRoCk

    DRoCk Guest

    I got the tec on a trade for my unused mtn bike. I'll try to get a better pic of the sks, its supposedly an unissued condition, bluing is a little thin in spots, receiver cover, magazine, but the barrel is nice. When I got that sks, it was PACKED full of cozmoline, talk about a mess.
  5. Nice collection. How is the tec 9? I always kinda liked them for the "evil" reasons but heard nasty things about their reliability.
  6. uncle jerky

    uncle jerky Well-Known Member

    From my owner/experience Tec 9s really received a bad rap. The one I owned,with barrel extension, was just a sledgehammer. It never quit. The gun was strong,never jammed once,was so simple to clean and was really loud.And, with the 30 round magazine,barrel extension afixed and slinged ,it possessed an extremely itimidating appearance.It was kind of a monstous hybrid cross between a handgun and machine gun... i guess it was a machine pistol.
  7. DRoCk

    DRoCk Guest

    I've shot about 150 rounds through mine, it was tricky learning how to rack the first round for me. I think it was due to inexperience, because I figured it out. I was always hesitant to yank the cocking arm back and let it slam soon as I got over that and just jacked the first round in, it shoots great. It is really loud though! Its just a fun gun to play around with, I don't even think its that innaccurate.
  8. uncle jerky

    uncle jerky Well-Known Member

    After practicing with mine, I was really surprised with it's accuracy on a torso silhouette at the handgun range. The gun would shoot groups consistantly any where I sighted it on... the chest, head,abdomen,shoulders.