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  1. I was perusing another forum I read and saw this thread:

    "Hi-Point: Contender for Ugliest Gun of the Year?
    Looking through the pages of this years Guns Buyers Guide (trying to decide how best to do my part to stimulate the economy) I came across in the "H" section the Hi-Point series of auto loaders. This slab sided monstrosity looks as if it where designed by a either a government comitee or France. As is evidenced by the heavy slide, the blow back action Hi-Point relies on shear mass over quality materials to ensure it doesn't end the firing cycle implanted in the shooters face. The large extractor is a flat blade type that runs well back from the gaping ejection port, further evidence of this weapons cobbled together nature by people who are trying to fill a niche once dominated by Jennings, Davis and other cheap pistols for those who really want a gun and care little for quality and safety.
    There are many who defend the Hi-Point as being a reliable pistol and maintain people who knock them are "gun snobs". Is a gun snob someone who appreciates quality materials assembled in a well thought out design? If so it is a mantle I gladly accept. Quality adds value and consequently dollar signs but you get what you pay for.
    For $150 you can take home a Hi-Point, but it's like dating an ugly chick, it's all good till your friends see you. Why not save a few more bucks and pick up a well made entry level pistol like the kel-Tec P11? Or a Makarov?
    The Hi-Point may work for mall warriors and posers but a real shooter isn't going to waste his time, money, or gun safe space on something like this ugly gun.

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    The T-Shirt was awesome BTW :D