Here's an Idea to Run by You Guys.

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  1. I was sitting around the fire a couple of nights ago chatting with a friend of mine and we were talking about the phantom flasher hider that's available from the AR-15 and more recently the AK (which I have on 2 of mine BTW). My friend and I had a idea almost at the same time.
    What if you drilled out Phantom and put set screws in it so you could mount it on a 995? Do you guys think it's worth the 15 bucks for a Phantom and the time to drill and test?
    I personally want see how it looks and how it works. Also the AK-74 style muzzle brake was an idea we had.
    What you good folks think?
  2. s0b3

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    i think drilling it out might be a tough job unless you had the right tools. i wish there was an easy way to thread the barrel.

  3. elguapo

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    That is a interesting theory, patriot.
    Are you talking the "Vortec" type AR flash suppressors, or.... ?
  4. I'm having Tornado Technologies thread my barrel for a Yankee Hill muzzle brake and maybe, maybe a suppressor.

    Better than me mucking it up and then having to have them do it anyway.

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    Can you guys space out your ideas a few months in between!?!? You are costing me alot more money then I really want to (well want might not be the right word) on this toy!

    The one thing about all of the mods you do to this little toy, you won't ever sell it! You will have way too much money in it for anyone in their right mind to spend on it!!

    Now what does that say about some of us!?! :shock:
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    Great minds Patriot. I picked up a few of the cheap Phantom copies for my AK project, and to maybe put one on the 995. The problem I ran into was trying to decide whether to bore it out and use the set screw or thread the barrel. I even mocked it up on an ATI stock as a SBR, and it looked awesome :shock: , but the $200 tax stamp for making a SBR from a $180 rifle doesn't seem worth it :roll: All I did was mock up the ATI with a short piece of pipe for the barrel, factory front sight, and the phantom looking brake.
    I'll see if I have a pic.
    I'm also working on an idea for a scaled down 50 cal looking brake, but I'd really like a longer barrel for that idea.
  7. phantom pix/ photoshop please.
  8. Where are you getting phantoms for 15 bucks? I usually see them for $20+ and then shipping on top.

    As far as the mod, it should work, some flash hiders are very hard steel, I tried to drill through a AR-15 A2 flash hider once and gave up when I could hardly get a dimple made.
  9. I have a friend who works the gun shows here in NC and SC a bit and he has a connection. I called him the night my other friend and I came up with the idea and he said he would get us a Phantom for around 15 bucks if you wanted to experiment.
    Sorry it's took me all day to get back to you guys. I've still been screwing around with my well troubles (see the thread in the Lounge).
    Huggy, good ideas there. I think if we go through with this, we definitely won't thread the barrel. I don't want to modify the rifle in anyway, shape or form that would be permanent. I think the set screws would be the way to go.
    As for the right tools, my friend's father has a machine shop at his house so the tools aren't a problem.
    Just in case anyone doesn't know just what the Phantom flash hider looks like here it is:
  10. Silicon Wolverine

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    FYI the phantom was orginally designed as a breaching stand-off and not a muzzle brake. The makers discovered they could sell more if they called it a brake.

  11. s0b3

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    Interesting. Never heard that before. The do make a great flash hider:

  12. I don't particularly care for the Vortex flash suppressor. A friend of mine who is an AR-15 nut got one from his AR and honestly, his old Phantom flasher hider performed better than it.
  13. Seems some don't know the difference between a brake and a flash hider. :p

    The vortexs I have work fine as does the phantom and the phoenix I have. They do make a difference in low light, late evening. But any flash hider that is open on the end is a problem for me, I find ways to get stuff hung up in it too often.
  14. Well, I thought i did. Like the slant brake for the AK is a brake, and the phantom is a flash suppressor. Okay maybe I don't know crap.
    Enlighten us.