Here's Annie!!!

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  1. Here she is fellas. I got my JHP .45 yesterday, but I couldn't get the computer up until today.

    In keeping with my tradition of guns girl names, I have named this one "Annie". (Not very original I know).

    She's a beaut! I can wait to take her to dinner!

  2. OK. Can someone please tell me why all my pictures are blurry?

  3. Thayldt21

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    Your photo taking skillz rival mine. :lol:

    I have no idea.
  4. That's better. The problem with the photo was "Operator error". I wish I had posted this in the Hipoint Pistol zone. Maybe some good guy moderator could do that for me.....
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    that is better. So I see I am alone in the photo no havo skilzd partment. :p
  6. Moved per request.

    Beautiful gun Loopster... Annie... get a pair of Oakley glasses... and you're good..... :roll: :shock: :D :wink:
  7. Make sure before you take a close up picture that you set your camera over to the 'Macro' setting. This is usually indicated by a small graphic 'flower'. Back the zoom all the way off/down and move the camera as close to the subject as you like. At this distance your flash is going to white everything out. You need to use natural sunlight or a very bright lit room. One of those articulated arm desk lamps can really help you here. If you must use your flash take your picture at an angle so it does not bounce back into the camera lens.

    P>S> Very nice pistol.
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    I thought you just pointed it and pulled the trigger :oops: :lol:
  9. LOL Something else that non tech people that don't read the instruction manuals may not be aware of. All digital cameras that I have experience with have a focus button. It is the same button that you take the picture with. Try it with your camera. Slowly press the button half way down and you should feel an indentation. Your camera will attempt to focus and should beep or give some sign on the screen when it finds the best possible focus for your picture. Now press the button all the way down for your photo.
  10. Also when you are taking a close up pic you have to keep your hands very still. I try to find something that I can put a hand up against to keep them from moving.

    In a perfect world you would have a tripod to put the camera in.
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    I had my digital camera 3 years before I discovered the macro setting. So much for years of blurry close-ups. Now some of them are too the warts and all! Oh, and by the way, nice pistol! (I hope to be able to post a similar pic by this time next month :roll:
  12. The next picture I post relative to the JHP 45 will be pictures of paper with big holes in the middle of it, or maybe shattered bowling pins if I can find some) :D
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    You mean shot gun patern JOKEING 8) :D :eek: :lol: :p :lol: 8)
  14. Yep. JHP.45 at range: shot gun (1 hole) shot gun (another hole), shot gun (another hole) etc. etc. etc. "Oh, I see a pattern". They're all large holes near the center of the target.

    At least I HOPE that's where they'll be.