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  1. well, i'm thinking about getting a .22 to play with and put my c9 a side for a month to save a bit of money for my future glock 22.

    and Heritage rough rider SA revolver seems great for what i want it for: cheap and reliable.

    the one i'm thinking to get is RR22MBS4 which is 22 combo(lr and mag), black stain finish, fix sight with 6.5" barrel. the silver finish is beautiful but cost 40 buck more and without 22 mag cylinder(30 bucks).

    what do you guys think.
    and which color/size of barrel/grip/sight will you choose?
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    Buy it you will not be sorry! They are great weapons...

  3. [​IMG]

    This is my 2nd one. Great little shooter.
  4. nice magttbar, that's a 6.5" right, i'm gonna get one and might order the black pearl grip. is that a black stain finish or blue finish?
  5. It is whatever finish is standard on their guns. Black stain, I guess. I replaced the grips on both of mine. Yes it is the 6'5" barrel. Pretty accurate for a fixed sight pistol.
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    I have a Heritage .22 that I purchased not too long ago. It's a very nice little revolver. Fun to shoot, cheap on ammo, and just makes for a nice afternoon of plinking. Plus you don't go through a box of ammo as fast as you would using a semi-auto .22 :) These little Heritage's are six shooters.., so with the load, and reload time a 550rd box of Federal will last a while. Here's a pic of mine.

  7. Great gun and a great price. Slow to load/unload, but not so much as to cause frustration. Accurate too! I love mine.
  8. bad new, i have ask my dealer to looking into it but heritage might forget to renew their "ok to sale" license in california. which means i might not be able to order that gun. i found out when i stop by a local gun shop and thought i might as well ask their price for it(you never know, they might got it cheaper). and the idiot who work there never hear of it and can't seem to find the company on california handgun roster. after 2 min of browsing online, he told me we can't order it if it's not on the roster. well, my dealer that i do all my shooting and shopping have one of .44 heritage on display. so unless my dealer is selling something they not suppost to or heritage is list under different name like ruger is under sturm, ruger & co. my girlfriend will pass by my dealer today and hopefully will bring me some good news. you guy wish me luck. also, if you know something about it please let me know.
  9. You should spend a few extra bucks and get a Ruger.
  10. yap, i check out the ruger single six. good gun but i can't seem to find a good price. lots people told me they have their single six for just one hundred more but i never find one that's under 400. i also need to add about 100 for shipping and ffl out of state + dros.
  11. Man, california really sucks.

    I would go the Ruger Single Six route myself as well.

    I see them for around 200-250 on a regular basis and up to 300 for perfect examples.