Herter's 9mm 115 FMJ = hot numbers

Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by daveindenver, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Cab's has Herter's 9mm 115 FMJ on sale again. $9.89 50/bx. (Free ship with $50)
    My 995 and C9 love it... targets less so.

    BUT the real reason for this post is that I at long last got the MV/ME numbers on this 'house' ammo from the product people at Cabs. I've had to presume the numbers were the same as S&B ammo (my fav hot 115gr) only because that is who loads it for Cab's. Not surprising, the Herter's actual number are a bit less than S&B.

    S&B 9mm 115 FMJ MV/ME = 1280/418
    Herters 9mm 115 FMJ MV/ME = 1237/391

    BUT... AND... Herter's still has higher numbers than any other 115/FMJ ammo I have used other than S&B. Higher than (from low to high) Blazer, UMC, Magtech, Armscor, PPU, Aquilia, Fed AmEgl, WWB, Fiocchi, GECO.

    FYI.. I know Chrono testing is the only way to know for sure because mfgr's will push/max their reported numbers. I just have to assume that they all 'exaggerate' to the same degree. Could be wrong.... naaaah. :)