Hey everyone, new here.

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    Hey everyone. I just discovered the site and wanted to join. Over the last month, I have purchased two Hi-Point pistols. The .40 SW (34010) as a graduation present for my step-son and the Hi-Point CF-380 that I purchased today for my wife.

    I, myself, am a Glock fan and my CC weapon of choice is the Glock 23. Now, I am no snob and I won't look down on or judge anyone for the choice of weapon.

    I have been reading about the Hi-Point for weeks now and, to be honest, the prices of the weapons have been their major draw for me. I got the .40 from a pawn shop for about $175 out the door. I got the CF-380 from Gander Mountain with a holster, one box of Sig Sauer ball ammo, and one box of Hornaday hollow points for $212 total. The pistol was $149.

    I got home and my wife immediately put 8 rounds through hers, she allowed me to squeeze off the first one, and I do have to say that I was impressed with the weapon. It felt solid in my hand, fired easily, and I really wanted one of my own. On my next payday, I will be going back to Gander Mountain to get the CF-9 for myself and I'm going to be asking for the 995TS carbine for my Christmas present.

    I really think that Hi-Point has gotten an unfair reputation and I certainly plan to buy at least two more weapons.

    Anyway, just wanted to get that out there.

    Roll Tide.
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    Welcome Tomcat.
    .45 JHP owner myself here, bought mine for $100 used at a pawnshop.
    Started looking online, ended up here and never left lol.
    Lot of knowledge here on pretty much everything.
    Lot of self appointed experts too, myself included.
    Check with us before you do anything stupid :D

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    Welcome welcome welcome to the forum of awesomeness (from ND)!

    PS Swaga forgot to mention that we all suffer from a disease called smarta$$ syndrome too! Enjoy!
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    Welcome from MO..... MIZ....ZOU!.... SEC!
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    Welcome to the HP forum. Lots of good information and experience here.
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    Welcome from the great southwest!

    This is a great place to hang out! You gotta get a carbine! Fun fun fun!!

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    My G23 wants to take a ride so I packed some mags. 995TS? Keep and eye on armslist.com or go to www.kygunco.com
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    Welcome to the Best Forum on the internet!

    Ask any question and someone here can come up with an answer for You.

    Good shooting!

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    Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome. I look forward to interacting with everyone here.
  10. The Gander Mountain sale price got me in the door too. I'm new here as well and loving my C9. Enjoy the forums!
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    Welcome, as soon as you realize that we are all bat$h1t crazy you will understand the appeal of this asylum.
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    Welcome aboard. Ditto on the previous post ;)
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    Say, NorthGeorgiaRidgeRunner, is there a shorter name we could write for you 'cause ngrr is a hand full to type...

  14. Welcome from Guntucky!
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    Greetings from fellow newbie in Las Vegas!
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    Welcome from non-communist PA. Let the madness begin!