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  1. Yup, another new guy with a 995TS here. Not new to firearms but this is my first HP carbine. Had to practically pry it from my buddies warm, live hands but he has too many weapons anyway LOL. It’s an older one (pre last shot hold open) but it’s been completely gone over by the factory and they installed the new TS when they had it. Also have the original monkey stock. It should be a nice addition to my “personal security arsenal”. Now if I can only find some ammo that doesn’t require a second mortgage on my home to purchase.....Anyway I’m looking forward to learning a few new things and also love the humorous, good natured banter you guys toss back and forth!

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    Welcome to the forum from a JHP owner from Florida.
    Carbines are hard to find in my area.
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  3. Hello from Kentucky. I've got the 4595 carbine and love it.
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    MidTN too. Welcome!
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  5. Nice! I’m kinda near “The Boro”.

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    I cruise throught there to go to Manchester to Terry Walden's to shoot. I'm off 840 a couple of hundred yards from the Dickson county line.
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    Hello and welcome from Indiana! :D
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