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HEY I AM BACK !!!!!!!!!!!

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hey everyone what have i missed since i have been gone?
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i was just wondering about some of the old posters and you were one of em. Hows life man? Hope you got everything cleared up dude. Lots changed around here. Just look around lol.
Welcome back man. How's things been?
Hey HP,
Glad to see you back brother, thanks for the PM, we all still need to get together and do a shoot soon, don't worry plenty of toys to go around

Glad to see you are back.
I was just gonna post a topic about you to see if anyone had heard from you.
things are good just taking things slow. as me and my wife have decided to work things out. only cause we do not feel like throwing 6 years of our lives away on something that can be delt with. as of right now i live with family as does she. what i am really upset about is i pretty much sold all but two of my toys just to make ends meet while i was gone. but i still want to get another shoot together asap. i still am looking for steady work i have found a few odd jobs but nothing steady. i will however be working the state fair this year so i know i can make some money there.
Glad you are gettin things straightened out with her. I really hope you guys can make it work as a marriage is not only a promise to each other but a promise to God. I will continue to pray for you and your with. Things will get better my friend. Glad u didn't do anything crazy!!!!!!
Sucks you got rid of your guns and I do believe that Roadkill is puttin together another AZ shoot. Ya'll lucky AZ guys have shoots all the time.
I guess me and Mason and Flip will have to get together in Montgomery or something. What ya'll say?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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