Hey Neo.... just for you baby

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    Hey Neo. If you EVER get a dweeb like this one, Please do US all a faver shoot the idiot!! That is the bottom of the gene pool! :shock:

    [I ment that as a joke folks so don't come unglued. Neo knows me and I know him enough he wouldn't do it]

  3. Does that window slide shut? If it does, why didn't the driver slam it shut?

    And, when asked if he'd ever had an accident why did he just shake his head no? Why didn't he tell the guy, "Soon, pal, just for you!" :mrgreen:

    (I need that pirate smiley!)
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    Ya know....I can count the encounters of those type of fares on one hand....


    Very funny! Good find :lol: The problem in Phoenix is that we do not have ANY barriers between us and the fares. Sometimes this is good because you can really joke around and communicate with the fares alot easier, especially if they're drunk. The downside is that ...well...if they're drunk....ya know (Think flying stuff). That and the safety issues aplenty. Then again Phoenix isn't known for their murders more than their car thieft. Have heard of alot of cabbies turning off the car and taking the keys to look for a fare, only to come back to find a pile of glass and an air freshener. Happens all the time in Phoenix.

    Oh, as for the return to the cab driving, that MIGHT be on hold ...it's been an interesting day for jobs....
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    Who on earth would want to steal a cab?

    Only reasoning I see, is the cops see cabs going on at all hours of the day...
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    Quite a few reasons!

    -As you said, they're practically invisible on the street. A cop sees a cab in a strange part of town at 3 in the morning, they think "Oh, just another drunk being dropped off". See them around an elementary school at 3pm and it's "Oh, just a parent picking up a kid".

    -Many drivers stash stuff in their cab like their firearm, cash, or a whole host of other things they aquire on a 12 hour workday. Then there's the GPS satnavs, iPods and other stuff to keep them informed and entertained when they're crammed inside a car for that long.

    -Parts. It IS Phoenix after all.

    -A free ride, since most cabs are kept fueled up for the hope of a long fare.

    -Tax stamps and licence plates. Here in Arizona, a Meter Tax Sticker is our version of a Medallion. While not expensive, it IS nearly impossible for an illegal immigrant to get ahold of. Swipe a cab and you can sell it's meter, the Tax Sticker and hardware for more than the car goes for. Illegal cabs are a huge problem in this city since it's a very good living and one that is usually regulated very tight.
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