Hey Neo-- this one is for you--

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  1. I have a former foe--now a friend living in Cali that is also a Vespa head--

    Here is his-- 69 Black Vespa..

    Thought you might like it!!


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    Damn....a '69 VBB. There's ALOT of flash on it, and the double saddle is a total aftermarket conversion.

    Just out of curiousity: Is your friend Vietnamese? Because that looks like a restoration done in the Vietnam style.

  3. Not sure-- maybe-- never met him in person, just fought with him on the Chelsea FC board (football--err soccer). He hates guns and whatnot, but we have made peace-- so I count him a friend--- I am not sure of his heritage though, he loves the Smiths and Morrissey (and Joy Division-- it is what we have in common besides Chelsea)-- though it looked sharp-- not my style, but a labor of love to keep anything 40 years clean and running..

  4. sweet ride!!!!! neo I had a 1963 vespa back in the day, it had a buddy seat on it from the store. it was bought from sears. i was 11 at the time and bought it from a friend who had gotten it new and broke it. paid 25 bucks for it and I got it running. my dad made me sale it. said I was too young to ride it. man that sucked. never got to ride it. and didnt even get to keep the money. :(
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    He's done ALOT of work on that bike, and has dumped a fair amount of cash into it. The black hi-gloss paintjob had to put him back a few hundred alone, and if those crashbars, front bumpers and cowl protectors ARE Piaggio factory aftermarket, they're worth at least $1500 for the set if not more. Vespas never came from the factory in Black in the VBB or VNA, and never came with chrome other than the horncast and the kicstart. That POC-style pipe with expansion chamber also has to be at least $350 to $500.

    All in all, I say that he's probably put the same amount into that bike as I paid for my new GTS250ie. Something to be very proud of. At least he didn't buy some sort of Vietnam bodge-job with tons of bondo and two-tone paint to cover it up.
  6. I do like and respect the work and care put into that ride. Now my personal taste wouldn't let me get on it....... but ya gotta love when someone puts their heart into something.
  7. Neo, I still say you're a pretty strange bird for knowing as much as you do about those scooters, but I gotta admit, that's a damn nice looking lil' bike.
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    Hey, I know what I like. And these days, I get scores of emails from my friends needing stuff on their new scooters with the current increase of popularity of these things .

    I just want $10,000 to dump into a bike like that too :cry: Although, I prefer a barebones factory stock resto with original paint and matching numbers and stickers....which would cost about the same.