HF Vibratory Tumbler

Discussion in 'Reloading Room' started by greg_r, Dec 17, 2016.

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    Brother gave me a 25% coupon that he had, plus another we got on line. Went to the HF store with the intent to buy a second dual drum tumbler. Been using one for years and happy with it. Changed my mind at the last minute and bought the 5 lb capacity vibratory tumbler intread.

    Didn't read any reviews until I got back home. Seems like they are mostly positive. Hope I like it. The price was right at $31.
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    I have great luck with harbor freight stuff... The thing I learned is to look everything over and snug up all the loose nuts and bolts... after that your usually good to go... Go to the pet store and get some lizard litter (crushed walnut shells)...

    I decapp, ultra sonic clean (white vinegar, and critic acid), then follow up with viber burr that has (lizard litter, couple drops of liquid car wax, and pieces of dryer sheets)... The brass comes out looking better then new and nice and slippery..

    I was at a lvl 2 hand gun traing event one weekend and the instructor (that offer a reloading classes) came over and asked me if I reloaded.. I told him yes and the rounds I was shooting that day where reloads.. He looked them over and said "nah, those are factory loads", so I double checked myself and point out that they weren't because they where a certain brand that had factory brass colored primers and these had silver primers... He rechecked and agreed with me, then asked me how I made them look so nice and asked my method..

  3. I use one of those tumblers with crushed corn cob, some drops of wax, some dryer sheets and bbs and it has worked fine for me for years now. Good luck with yours.