Hi-cap mags, huh?

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  1. Hey guys (and gals, I'm sure)

    Been lurking here for a while. Got a JHP45 a couple weeks back, and the first 2 rounds hit the same hole on the target at about 50 feet, and I was shocked at how loud it was. I've shot a number of other weapons (8x56R, 7.62x54R, 30-30, 9mm, etc), but the sound from the end of the .45 made me go get a set of earplugs, hence my username.

    Anyhow, I've been reading on ya'll's endeavors for a hi capacity mag. What's the general concensus on how much is enough? 20? 30? 50? I ask because I'm a general tinkerer, and I've got a few ideas in my head on putting together a 20+ round magazine, and didn't know what everyone was looking for.
  2. Welcome to the forum My.ears.are.broken! :wink:

    You should ALWAYS use hearing protection. I had on double hearing protection today at the range, foamies and muffs and my ears are ringing from shooting my Desert Eagle... That joker is loud.

  3. ^ aye, agreed on that.

    Welcome aboard though. Hope you have even more go through the same hole, i'm sure you will.
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    I think most everybody would be thrilled to have 15 rounders that really work, unlike the Pro-Mags. 20, 30, or a 71 round drum would make you a god, (If they work).

    Good luck!
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    Welcome aboard =)
    As you have probey already read in the other posts, almost everyone here has been really supportive on any ideas for working Hi-Caps. Making them work is the important part, the nuber of rounds they hold, for me is secondary. My "hi-cap", for instance, holds 18 rds. Kind of an odd number, but it works. ( Kinda long also ) .
    Now if I could only mass produce them !!! LOL.
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    I finally got my pro-mag 15 rounder working properly, but that still isnt enough. I would love to see a 20+ round high cap mag for my 995.
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    I wouldn't be interested, they're hideously ugly, would get in the way if you're carrying it in a SHTF situation, and attracts to much attention from people.
  8. the 15 rd mag is kind of long and ungainly, anthing over that would really need to be a drum of some sort, a 20+ rd stick mag would practically be a unipod to balance the carbine on
  9. You guys see the snail drum for AR-15's in Cabela's? Not so much a drum, but still similar with all the rounds in a circular pattern. I'll probably do something similar to that. We'll see how ungainly the ones I'm working on now are.
  10. Hi-cap single stack mags are always gonna be long and not really that useful except for range plinking, this is providing you can get them to be reliable enough for continuious use.
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    would there be a way to have it double stack then single stack when its in the mag well so it would'nt be extremely long but still have high capacity.
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    I'm still working that issue at work. Been experimenting with one of my Beretta mags and a 995. Still having a problem with the single stack follower being unstable under the pressure of a full load, but will keep you updated.
  13. I just ordered some 32-round WWII era Sten 9mm magazines. They appear to be double-stack magazines. When they get here, I'll snap some pics and tear into one and see what the guts look like. There's another thread that they're getting the pro-mag to work relatively well, with a lot less effort than it's taking me to fabricate a hi-cap 9mm mag. I may revise my dimensions for the .40 and try to get that to work. From my research on wikipedia, the .40 S&W and 9mm Luger and the same length, but the .40 is a bit fatter. If that's the case, then the Sten mags might work for that better than the 9. It won't be so much a double-stack, but somewhere in between. What'd be cool is if I could get the follower in the Sten mag with a double-stack that wouldn't wedge itself between a round and the inside wall of the mag. Like rodka said, a hi-cap single-stack over 20 rounds would be a bit long, but if I could essentially take the long clip and bend it into a U shape to come back up the right side of the grip without interfering with hand placement, it would be a bit less cumbersome than a big stick hanging off the bottom of the grip. We'll just have to see.
  14. Also, I saw someplace that there's a 40 round drum for a 1911, which is also a single-stack magazine. I wonder how hard THAT would be to get to work in the 4095? Aside from length, the .45 ACP and .40 S&W aren't all that far apart. Just food for thought...
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    How much is enough?

    As many as you can get while maintaining reliability. Get that sucker belt-fed with a 1000-rnd can hooked up to it and I'm in for 3.
  16. Could the sides of the follower be spring loaded? It would stabalize it but not wedge in the mag.That way it could go into a single stack for the last 10 rounds.