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    ok im new here and im sure this has been asked but are they ever gonna come out with a hi cap mag for the hi points. i saw a guy on you tube that had a 75 round drum for his. i think it was home made and would love to get my hands on one. anyone know of this?
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    Welcome to the forum. :D

    Promag makes 15 round magazines but they appear to be of very questionable reliability.
    Anything else you see out there is homemade.
    Thingmeister makes a magazine catch so you can use 1911 15 round mags or even 1911 drums if you can find them.


    Alternatively you can modify 1911 mags to fit....



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    Which models/calibers?
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    c9 and 995ts 9mm. i wish they had hi cap mags for them.