Hi-cap, revisited

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  1. Alright, here's my 2 hour's worth of effort on getting a mockup together. It's 22 ga. steel, and I'll be planning on knocking the bottom off a factory magazine, and weld this basically as an extension, with a longer spring, likely 2 stacked recoil springs from an AK47 or something else I can find. Once I get a couple springs, I'll try and mock up a follower inside the magazine and see how well it slides. Since they'll be welded on the end of the magazine, I'm thinking I might just use the same dimensions for the 9 mm., the .40, and the .45, just to see how it works. It won't have to fit inside the grip, so precision isn't essential, mostly just functionality. Lemme know what you think. I'm gonna get some more material in the next couple days and try and get all my edges prettier and more 'looky-loo's-at-the-range' friendly, and not so bubba-fied. Unless, of course, you're into that...



  2. If you have problems with a metal follower, make it out of plastic... slides a bunch better. Also I would recomend making it longer, even if you loose a couple of bullets worth of space, for stability.
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    If you need any help in the plastic moulding department, shoot me an email. I've got TONS of litterature and equipment from props design for just the thing.
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    Plastic followers are great. Just keep in mind, if you are using petrolium based lubs on you weapons and mags, petrolium will eat any at and eventually cause problems for your plastic followers.
  5. Yea, I was thinking of just using the follower from the factory mag and then stack the other springs either above or below the factory spring. Definitely a place to use the silicone based lubricants instead of petroleum.
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    If factory springs dont work you can make your own out of piano wire of the right diameter. Then you've got one continuous spring. Ive done it a couple times for off brand guns that i needed a mag spring for. Just take a factory spring along and get piano wire of the same diameter. If you need furhter direction let me know ive got lit and real life expierence with it.