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    Just purchased my first Hi-Point C9 at the South Bend gun show this past weekend. This is to be a fun gun/plinking gun at the range. I've got a 100 rounds thru it so far, am looking for the perfect cast bullet load, not quite there yet but am getting close.

    So far I like the pistol, not a Bulls Eye Match pistol by any means but neither am I any more. I'm 70 plus and long since retired and enjoying life to the fullest. I am blessed with good eyesight even at my advanced age, now if all the other parts worked as well. LOL

    I am not a basher of any maker, if the product works as intended there is little more to ask of the product. ;):D:)
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    Welcome from MO........ Glad to have you!

  3. Welcome from a fellow newbie! I have a 9mm carbine, I'm pretty sure I'm getting the C9 next. Where/what do you shoot?
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    I'm a member of the St. Joe Valley Rifle & Pistol Assoc., and usually practice at their range East of Bristol In. on Ind. 120. I'm also a member of The Elkhart Rifle & Pistol Club, and The Edwardsburg Conversation Club from Edwardsburg, Mi. just North of Elkhart.

    As far as to what I shoot, lets just say I reload for 40 some calibers and shoot them all, plus of course .22 RF. Remember I'm over 70 and have been shooting since the age of 6/7, and have been collecting since the age of 14. Please don't take this as boasting.

    I frequent Fort Wayne often as I go to the VA Hospital there. Pop in and out of Tomlinson's in Churubusco often.
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    We got at least one more Hoosier here.... undeRGRound is a west side Indianan.
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    WELCOME from the home state of Hi Point!

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    Howdy from Granger!

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    Welcome aboard