HI! JHP Pistol, 4595 Carbine, Break-In, Defensive Ammo, etc

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    The JHP45, and 4595's will pretty much feed mudballs. I never found a JHP either one of them won't eat. Never had a jam. Steel, aluminum, brass etc.

    The Hornady XTP is GTG in about any gun due to the profile on the nose of the round is well designed for feeding.

    Supply is at scary low reserves right now. YMMV. I wouldn't blow a bunch of ammo at your range sessions until you've amassed a decent supply.
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    He already polished the ramp and sear surfaces. That was covered in his now self-gutted first post. Along with how it's his gun and you can't tell him what to do or not to do with it...
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    Really? Now I'm extremely happy I didn't read his three page autobiography.

    And for those who missed it, yes folks, if printed it would have spanned three pages.
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    So he is another expert. Then why ask a these questions. And if he is legit why edit.

    Try to give a MF chance and people wonder why we bust on the new guys.
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    We’ll need to keep that as a battle cry somehow.
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    I live by it mostly
  8. I usually just lurk, but read most of the post. TNT,, "gooberbubbas"?? You made my night!
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    Welp, excuse the hell out of me. Good luck with your issue. Bye.
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    I thought the Battle Cry was,


    No... Wait...

    That was the Militia's battlecry.

    Trying to be helpful, eldar