Hi, my name is Mike and I am a Hi-Point Addict...

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  1. It all started by accident... I sold a motorcycle to a guy who didn't have enough money to cover the asking price (about $100 short), so he offered to throw in a Hi-Point .40 S&W, NIB, which he had just picked up at our local gunshop. At this point, I had heard nothing of HP, but thought, heck, why not. So, I got the pistol, holster, extra mag., and 100 rounds of Remington UMC 180 gr. JHP, plus a nice Hi-Point hat to boot.

    Picked up 100 rounds of Winchester target loads, and right off the bat, the extra mag FTF. Would choke every time if more than 3 rounds were loaded. The mag that came with the gun, fired every shot, no problem, including the JHP, 130 rounds in all. Emailed Hi-point, they told me to return the mag, and five days later, new mag in the mail!! 120 rounds later, not a single FTF.

    My latest problem, though, is how to explain to my wife how that new HP 995 wound up in our closet! Well, you see, the gunshop is on my way home, and it was there, and needed a good home with plenty of ammo to eat, and I just couldn't leave it there for someone else to buy. And I am already planning my next purchase (the C9... it is for my wife... no, really... honest).

    Is there a twelve step program available?

    But seriously, I can't say enough about an American made firearm that is reliable, and has a lifetime warranty. And more than that, this venue for information exchange promises to be of equal value to a newbie such as myself. Thanks for being here.
  2. Welcome! I am still in denial personally. If there is a cure for hipoint addiction, I'd rather not know about it. ;)

  3. Welcome to the therapy session.

  4. Corelogik

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    I don't deny my addiction, I revel in it!
  5. Welcome to the world's greatest little discussion group.

    There is no cure for Hi-Point-itis. You can treat the symptoms with trips to the range, buying ammo, and buying more Hi-Points.
  6. zombiehunter

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    welcome to the disease gtv. I think the only "medicine" for this disease is to feed your gun as often as possible and visit the range every chance you get. :)

    Again, welcome to the greatest website you'll ever find!
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    sorry but the disease you described is incurable how ever there is treatment buy every hp you can get your hands on and head to the range often.
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    Welcome to the best kept secret in the firearm realm... PM me for details on our secret handshake and union representation!
    Let me know if you want an avatar... look around, and you'll see my work. ;)
  9. Welcome! I like to think of this place as more of a support group.
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    welcome :D I'm a hi point addict too :lol:
  11. it is not only an addiction, it is very very contagious. I have personally given it to at least 4 people.

    welcome to the site post up and enjoy we all do. we love our hi points. I personally have 6 and working on more.
  12. If it's only 12 steps to the local gun store & range then you are cured :wink:

    Welcome to the HP Therapy Group.
  13. Welcome to the fold!

    Once you get the handshake and all the trappings you're good to go.

    [ I was gonna make a snippy comment about the union but I'll save that for later! :lol: :lol: ]
  14. Hi-Pointitis gets us all in the end, glad to see you got the disease and are past the denial already. :whistle: :wink:
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    There is no known cure of HI-pointitist