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  1. Do you think due to buyer demand and the continuing rising prices on everything due to skyrocketing gas prices will force Hi Point to raise their distributor prices in 2009? How much of a price increase would you deem acceptable?
  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    10$ per weapon is not an outrageous increase id say. You look at what it costs to make the poly frames and other parts from petro based products and everything is near double what it used to be.


  3. I think that if Hi-point has to raise there price that they would be very fair about it, they have been one of the best companies I have ever dealt with and wish more companies would fallow suit. The treatment from the company and the support from this forum is enough for me to remain loyal and make them my top choice in fun firearms.
  4. AndrewST

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    I do expect a rise in the cost of all firearms, some manufacturers are going to try and capitalize on the increase in many items, however I think HP will stay pretty fair with it and only increase them to keep the current profit margins.
  5. eh $10-$20 per firearm wouldn't be out of the question... maybe even as high as $30 for the long guns.