Hi Point .22 semi?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by HPDAD, Jan 7, 2015.

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    I think Hi Point should manufacture at least one pocket pistol. A nice 10 or 12 shot .22 would be a nice addition to the product line up. If enough customers ask for it, they might consider producing it at some point. I think they would be more reliable than Phoenix Arms, Lorcin,Jennings, etc. I think they would be big hit for Hi Point if they ever decided to do it.
  2. greg_r

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    I do too, but this is not a popular topic here. Most everyone says the R&D would be too much with other budget options readilly available.

  3. Hi Point targets a specific market, some other manufacturers target the inexpensive 22 market. It's not like there are none to be found, in fact phoenix makes a decent 22.
  4. ynot

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    There aren't any inexpensive .22 Magnum semi auto pistols on the market and the only one in current production (Kel Tec PMR30) seems to be impossible to find.
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    That Kel Tec is around $600. That's a little bit more than i would want to pay for a .22, even if it has 30 rounds.
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    I guess I'll have to try that Phoenix out. Most of the reviews are pretty good. The one complaint I keep hearing about is the number of safeties that make it a bad self defense option.
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    Love a hi point .22lr or magnum. I'd like one of the NNA mini revolvers. If they could produce a semi auto with little laser and retail it for bout 100 I'd be all over that.
  8. I have read a few articles and watched a few videos on the HP22. IMO the safety issues are minor for a pocket gun. Personally I would carry one with the hammer down on a loaded chamber with just the slide safety. Two steps to fire, disengage safety, cock hammer.
  9. undeRGRound

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    +100 :D

    It's even called an HP22 ;)

    I have one, may defeat part of that maze of safeties... :cool:
  10. THe phoenix are good 22's for the price. Pop can accurate, and reliable as it gets. also an alloy frame, and hammer fired are Plus's in my book. Hipoint wont be doing that for $120.

    Watch some videos on youtube about disabling the slide safety.

    I carried mine for a long time. with nothing in the chamber, and all safety's off. that would have required me to load one, but i never messed with safety's.

    Like walking wolf said though. you could load one. put the FP safe on. Drop the hammer slowly. Then dis engage all the safety's If i had to do over again i probably would carry it like that.
  11. undeRGRound

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    This is what most HP fans with a "wish list" will never get. Love a Hi Point, buy a Hi Point, use a Hi Point for what it is, and buy the other guns that excel in the other areas!!! Someone said they would buy a Hi Point AR that was just like the carbines. I kinda don't think I would want that gun :p
  12. Outlaw

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    A .22 Cal adapter with a barrel insert sort of like the ones we used on the Air Force Skeet Team is workable. Especially for the .45 cal. They have been making them for the M16/AR15 and others for decades.
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    Because they are extremely hard to make function correctly and the market is very thin. Why would I pay the money to shot .22 mag when I could shoot a larger caliber cheaper? At about $0.30 a round, I'll be shooting 9mm or x39

    AMT Automag made a SS semi-automatic .22 mag. I could have bought one for about $300 several years ago, but then I came to my senses. It was a nice looking gun.

  14. I still say HP, should just beef up and start throwing 10MM's out. and say "Look at this Hi-point kaboom morons"

    Would be the cheapest factory change, probably a real heavy slide though. I sure would put a $160 10MM on my short list.

    Just about everything else is already being done by somebody cheaper, and better than hi-point can do.

    Except dirt Cheap 9mm-45's IT what they are good at.
  15. planosteve

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    + 1000000000000
    I would buy a 10mm in a heartbeat as would half the forum.
  16. The 10mm Carbine, might finally make me buy a carbine
  17. undeRGRound

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    10mm is a "Hoot to Shoot"
    Heavy Slide, maybe just a bit heavier than the JHP but not too much, IMO. The 1095 carbine (by Moss Pawn) IV8888 was shooting was simply the chamber reamed, and a heavier recoil spring IIRC. Minimal Mods. But they did not run 10,000 rounds thru it either. It might not hold up enough to make HP want to release it with the standard Lifetime Warranty.
  18. Think1st

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    If HP goes to a 10mm model, it would probably be best confined to a carbine. The weight of the slide on the .45 is great enough to make one take note, and I can only imagine what a 10mm chambering would do to it. Putting it into a carbine would make it much more pleasant to shoot. Besides, can you imagine what the added velocity from a carbine-length barrel would do to the already impressive 10mm round? It could probably make a really good brush gun for use on hogs or as a handy bear defense carbine.
  19. Actually 10mm pressures are about the same as a 40 S&W. A stiffer spring and 10mm barrel should do it with keeping the original weight. But that would be adding production just like adding a 22lr would. I doubt they do it.
  20. ajole

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    NE Utah
    WW is right, the 10 is rated at 37,500, 40 is 35,000, so it's not even +P to the .40.