Hi-Point .380 for the wife?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by freedomfighter, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. freedomfighter

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    My wife wants something smaller than her .38 special for home defense. She's a small woman so I'm thinking about a Hi-Point .380 if they make a small frame model. Anyone here have one or an opinion on this subject?
  2. SWAGA

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    The .380 is the same size as the 9mm which is not a small gun by any stretch

    The bottom one is a *P3AT*, the middle a C9/380 and the top a JHP


    Keep in mind that a 'little gun' doesn't shoot 'nice' or 'soft' as it has very little mass to compensate for recoil and they are usually pretty snappy and can be hard to control because of the short barrel/grip.

    My wife is a "small woman" at 5'2 with the hands of a small child and her favorite is a Glock 40 :wah: and she's shot .357 and .44 magnum.
    Take her to a range with female instructors and have her get over that 'little gun for little woman' syndrome.

    (Not my wife )

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  3. Hi Point is a great 380 (notice I did leave out the word...little ) but maybe look at a Bersa Thunder 380 cc model. Great guns and price.
  4. greg_r

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    I didn't think the JCP was that small? :rofl:

    I think it's actually a P3AT :)

    (Sorry Swaga, but I got to pick on ya!)

    My wife likes the CF380 as a house gun. Not small, but it works for her!
  5. tjulian

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    What :eek:

    40 sw jcp smaller than c9?
  6. Is she looking for a smaller frame gun or less powerful. The HP 380 will be softer to shoot than the .38 but around the same size.

    Lots of smaller size frames like the KT P3at or Ruger LCP which I saw someone is selling here ( wink wink ). Bersa Thunder is a nice gun and doesn;t kick like the smaller frames.

    Hit a gun shop and have her try diff guns for feel.
  7. lsi1

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    I like the ruger lc380 for the smaller handed shooter who looks for a little less recoil than 9mm. Note that I did NOT say lcp thats the micro concealed carry version the lc380 is the lc9 with a 380 chambering.
  8. SWAGA

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    The Sig is one of the best looking micro 1911's out there in .380


    Also available in all sorts of color combo's

  9. ajole

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    NE Utah
    That's what SWAGA gets for grabbing my pic off the 'net and using it.:D

    But he's right about the CF380 not being "smaller". Easy to shoot, yes, light recoil yes, but not smaller or lighter at all.

    My wife doesn't like shooting ANY pistol, except the full size S&W 22A, or the Ruger Standard. She has tried full steel small but relatively heavy Makarovs, the CF380, the PF9, the C9, the P3AT, the 1911, a P38, and the Taurus 605 with .38 Spc wadcutters, and several other .40 or .45 guns, and ONLY likes the Smith and Ruger.
    Some day I'm going to buy a tip up .22 and call it "her" gun...the Taurus comes on sale once in a while.
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  10. undeRGRound

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    [email protected]:rofl:
    She Won't Like It! :D
    Horribly long DAO trigger, relatively hard to rack, (hence the "tip up")
    and it is relatively ammo sensitive. I guess you want one for YOU, cuz
    that is what will happen. Old Dad inherits "Her PT22" :D
  11. Hipointer

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    Personally, unless you have a real love for the .380 ACP, I would go with the C9. It is the same size, and not that much more in the recoil department either, but about 40% more in the muzzle energy department. Also, the ammo is cheaper...which I'm sure you already know. JMHO.
  12. sarahsmom

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    The TCP is fine for SD, and very accurate, but man it stings! Definitely not a range gun. The Bersa would be better choice. That's what I really wanted, but because of the price difference went with he TCP. I love that the tcp fits in my pocket unnoticed, but if I have the chance will get a Bersa someday. FWIW the C9 has no recoil and is very smooth.
  13. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Exactly. "Her" gun...in name, at least.:D
  14. greg_r

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    If you decide on the C9, I would let your wife handle it first. The CF380 is much easier to rack and their is a bunch of difference in recoil. My wife can rack the 380 just fine, she has a hard time getting that last little "umph" to cock the C9.
  15. On a second reading...I see you are talking HOME defense not CCW....in that case..I do agree with the C9 being a good choice. No recoil, and 9mm ammo is cheaper than 380acp when she goes to the range and shoots till the cows come home and not have her arm in a sling hurting.
  16. SWAGA

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    If it doesn't have to be concealable how about a VZ61?
    Available in the original .32 or .380 or 9x18 mak
    Cool enough to consider SBR-ing it later


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  17. MXGreg

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    How big of a .38 does your wife have? Is it a larger framed, 6 shot, all steel revolver? If so, why not look at a smaller, lighter, 5 shot .38? Charter Arms has some that are geared towards women (Pink Lady, Chic Lady, etc) and they only weigh 12oz. My girlfriend has one and loves it.
  18. freedomfighter

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    What she has now is colt 2" detective special in .38 special cal. Looking at the responses the short bbl is more than likely the problem. The Colt does has quite a jolt for a small person.
    I'm going to the gun shop with her to check out the C9 and the .380, it will be her house gun for when I'm not home. The price for the C9 is way good so even if she does not like the way it shoots I've got another gun!
    I thank you for all the feed back you provided, I'll let you know what we decide on.
  19. SWAGA

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    How about the 3895 Carbine for around the house?
  20. If it is for home defense the gun only needs to be small enough for her to handle. The CF380 is a great choice for HD, low recoil, accurate, dependable.

    As to size except for the thick slide it really in not much bigger than a Glock 19. Many people claim the G19 is a compact.