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So I've been search the forum and couldn't find the answer i needed :/ so here it is.

I just got myself a Hi Point .380 love it and have had no problems till i got a new ten round magazine for it. i know i got the right one. It's a 10 round Hi Point mag for .380 and 9mm.

My problem is that with the 10 mag every time i shoot it the slide stays back as if its empty. if i look in the chamber the next round hasn't been fed through. looks like the next round is almost jammed nose down. if i pull the slide back again it'll load the next round but right after i take the shot the slide is back in empty position.

i have no idea what i should do. when i use the stock 8 mag i can blow through all eight shots with no problem. so the problem is in the ten round. the store i got it from wont return it and i don't think HP will take it in an fix it....
any help would be much appreciated.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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