Hi point 380 price drop

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    380 hi point. Shot a box of 100 through it. Seems hi points are for someone who does not mind polishing the feed ramp and tinkering with it to make it flawless. This shoots fine but seems to misfeed once per clip. Comes like new in the original box. $95 shipped to your FFL with proof of FFL. No shipping to the usual socialist states.

    kellyb1 @ mchsi.com
    take spaces out on either side of @

    now $85
  2. Where are you located in the event someone would like to do a FTF buy?

  3. letsroll

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    Sorry about that. I am in central IL.
  4. letsroll

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    price drop to $85
  5. you try loading the magazine 1 round shy of full? I have heard that helps till the mag gets broken in. just a thought.
  6. Re: location

    I'm not there any more to do a FTF, but I'm curious: where? I grew up in Sullivan.
  7. Define "Central"? I'm in St. Louis, so depending where, it might not be too far.
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    I am near Peoria. I have a buyer pending final arrangements and funds.
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    Seems I may have to do this FTF only. I read up and as a non-licensee I have to ship via UPS next day. That is nearly the value of the gun!
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    one option is to have your ffl mail it, they can use usps and most charge $20-$25 to mail a handgun.
  11. is it sold yet? ffl to ffl possible?
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    Sold yet? If not, I'm in southern WI. PM me.