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Hi-Point 380acp Jamming problem

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Is there a certain type of ammo that wont makes these guns jam? Ive used a few different kinds and have yet to find anything that doesnt. Anyone got and answers?
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What kind of ammo are you using? Maybe it's not your ammo. Try adjusting your mag lips. Is your feed ramp nice and smooth?
What specific malfunction are you experiencing?
not to sure of the name , but the rim of the cartridge catches after you shot alot and whenever i load a round it will jam
What ammo are you using? Is it a brand new gun? Are you limp wristing it?
My 380 has been flawless. My C-9 on the other hand fails to load every other round. It only has about 100 rnds through it so far. I just adjusted the mags too. Can't wait to try her again.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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