Hi-Point 40 on it's way!!

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  1. On the phone with my dad right now. My cousin is selling his Hi-Point 40 because he got a Taurus 45. Mine for the low low price of $150. Three down, one more to go to complete my collection (not counting the compensated models.)
  2. Congrats.Remember we are in the showme state.Don't forget the pic's.
    I have the C-9 and the jHP 40.And a 4095.
    Looks like your wife likes the 380.
    That was a good buy. .

  3. Congrats, and yes, we will need pics, LOTS OF THEM, lol :D
  4. Ari

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    Very nice indeed enjoy
  5. Pictures, pictures, pictures!
    They won't cure our Hi-Point-itis but they help with the symptoms! :D

    Congrats on your purchase!
  6. Yea, she likes the 380. I've got the targets laying at home just haven't had time to take a pic and put them in the Range Report section. We just went back home for a visit so it'll be a few weeks before we go back again to pick up the 40. Pics as soon as I get it, I promise.
  7. Holy resurrected post Batman! Anyways, I got to my dad's this weekend and when I asked him about it he kind of side stepped the question. We talked a little more and dad hasn't decided he wants to let go of it just yet. :wink: I can't really say I blame him. He said he wanted to keep it a while and shoot it a little bit and then if he decides to get rid of it he'd let me have it. Guess it frees up the money I had put back to buy that Taurus .38 a guy is selling at work. Everyone's a winner! Dad gets a new Hi-Point and I *might* get a new wheel gun. :D
  8. Not to worry. There will be one come with your name on it. Like that sweet 380 You got out of my back door.That was a great buy.
    Where are the target pics ?
  9. I love the JCP 40. The gun makes recoil control a peice of cake. I had a beretta PX4 .40 and my Hi point had much better recoil!! I can only guess the increased weight of the HiPoint is contributing to the reduced recoil that is felt.