hi point .40 pistol with .45 1911 mag range report

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  1. Thought I would share my experience. I don't have big hands and like to support the bottom of my handguns while keeping my thumbs touching (best way I can describe my grip). With the factory magazine, this is not an option for me. I had read some 1911 guys with .40 use .45 mags. So I ordered 2 from sportsman guide, the 8 round nickel version(about $12 ea), for $25 shipped. Then modified them to work with hi point mag catch. They each hold 9 rounds of .40, so I only lost 1 round. And the empty mag stop works. From shooting height I dropped a full and half full mag to the ground to see if any rounds would pop our. They did not. Took one to the range a couple weeks ago, (my son's first trip to the range, great day).

    I put 3 mags with 6 rounds, and 5 mags with 9 rounds down range. Never had a ftf, fte, double feed, magazine fall out, nothing. It flat out worked. 63 rounds without issue is good, I'm not saying it's the end all solution. Just wanted to let you guys know it is an option, in my opinion worth looking into.

    And hey, I can grip the weapon how I am comfortable again.

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    Pix, Please!
    I would have thought it would be the 1911 standard 7 round mags
    that would fit flush, does the 8 stick out just a bit? I have a pair of
    10 round 1911 mags, a pair of 8's and a pair of 7's, but all for my
    Citadel. If I find some 15's I might do the HP-Catch-Mod ;)

    :welcome: Tex! :D

  3. I'll take pictures in the morning, barely sticks out.
  4. congrats on the 1911 mag mod...
    enjoy it and lets see some pics..:indeed:
  5. Here are some pics comparing mag length and springs, as well as side profile with one magazine installed.

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    Cool, looks much better.