Hi Point 4095 Most Bubba'd gun I've ever seen!!!

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    I just bought the most bubba'd gun I have ever seen. It is the 4095 but the stock has been broken off in the wrist area and a Daisy BB gun stock has been fitted and held in place with black electrical tape. The modification results in a 21.5 inch pull. Also, I guess, Bubba didn't like the sights because the rear is missing and a laser has been affixed where the sight should be and also mounted with the aforementioned black tape. I called Hi Point before I bought it and they said send it in and they will take care of it and send it back like new. Do they really do that? I mean this gun has really been abused and they will fix it for free? Can anyone tell me the aproximate turn around time with Hi Point? Thanks for any input, David
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    Oh man.

    You MUST post pics of this monstrosity.

    It is a moral imperative.

  3. Welcome to the forum TexasD, if you called them and they said they would fix it, expect it to come back to you darn near brand new. They are very good about customer service, and its free.

    Turn around times for me have been a couple of weeks or less.

    Would love to see a pic of this critter before you send it off :)
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    I can even host it for you if you don't have a place to host it!
  5. As long as you have the receiver with a legible serial number, they'll fix it for free. For a look at my 995, look here:


    Yours is in GREAT shape!

    But it sounds like the previous owner of yours _was_ really a moron: any competent gunsmith bubba would have used duct tape. :lol:

    p.s. As others have said, PIX! (and the price you paid for it)
  6. Welcome to the fold. PICS, we must have PICS!
  7. I got to see pic of this as well.
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    He's one of us, one of us, one of us...
    Welcome aboard, post pics!
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    i gotta see this gun.

    i can't believe HP would fix such a monstrosity but props to them for doing it anyway.

    how much did you pay for this puddle of drool?
  10. Black tape and a Daisy stock...better check closely for baling wire. :D
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    I bought the 4095 to go with my .40 JCP and if they will fix it free I will have saved about $125-$150 off the price of a new one in this area. Its funny that the suggested retail is $242 but here they are going for $275-$300. I guess that they are really popular around here. I removed the tape and laser and found a mount underneath but the bolt holes to clamp the laser to the mount were stripped. Instead of maybe getting longer bolts and nuts the previous owner just taped it in place. I will try to get pics up soon. Oh as far as bailing wire they have the sling just tied thru the front mount and have a clevis pin with a homemade keeper pin made from what appears to be bailing wire and the wire will poke holes in ya' HAHA
  12. Hmmm... from what you say, it sounds like you must have paid about $100 - $125, which is kind of a weird price point: If the seller was NOT aware of the warranty, I'm surprised that he asked for so much. On the other hand, if he WAS, why didn't he just get it fixed?

    Some people are just too dumb to live and too much trouble to shoot. But it sounds like you got a great deal.

    Oh, and in case nobody else has mentioned it, pictures please :D
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    I paid $150 OTD from a pawn shop. He told me he could order me a brand new one for $280. He has a new 995 on the wall for $245. This shop and one other are all that sell Hi Points in this area and they both get over retail for them.
  14. I too would like to see a picture of it .
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    I definitely want to see some pics of that beast too! Sounds like you have some serious price gouging going on at that pawn shop! I got my 995 brand new for $180. With tax it was just under $200.
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    Damn dude I paid $159 for my 995 brand new!
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    I paid $160 for mine with broken sights and a single mag held together with electrical tape! :)
  18. Is it April 1st already? :D
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    Well if I can get this right here are the pics



    It really looks kinda neat with the Monte Carlo stock but as I said the LOP is 21.5 inches
  20. That, sir, is hillarious.