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    Last night guys I watched on you tube of a man cleaning his friends carbine 2 years back. He said his friend never cleaned it after 1000 rounds and left it in his garage in a case all of that time. When he opened the gun up there was dried grease everywhere it was really bad and even the paint was chipping off inside the gun, but what most concerned me on the video is that the man actually pointed out cracks around the inside of the slide where the retaining pin slides and where your springs and firing pin are. Not in there, up above that area. And also one other area where the slide attaches on where the the barrel runs into. Not around the barrel itself, but where the barrel attaches to the squarer part and outside of that. Pretty much where the gun itself sees a lot of friction. My question is why does Hi Point say to do a detail strip around 1500-2000 rounds when oils will break down much faster than that. And 300 to 400 through the bore? Especially mixed with gun powder and or jacketing. And has any of this ever happened to you? My uncle has always told me to clean a firearm after every time I use it. And sometimes I'll let it go to 100 to 200 rounds on my C9, but after watching that video last night, I'm not sure if I'm going to. I'm going to keep it oiled and or greased all the time. I might even try this Transmission fluid suggestion because it has detergents in it for protection of course. This gunsmith, I told you awhile back about named Jason Dalton from Ohio explains this in his videos. For oiling he uses I think he uses 20 weight Mobil 1 full synthetic. He uses em both while cleaning his slide and gun parts in general. Listen guys I love my Hi Points just as you all do and if there's something out there I consider worth sharing to help any of you or myself out, I won't hesitate to bring it to your attention. Feel free to give me some feedback and Thank you very much.
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    Some don't clean it that off end others every time. Using Homemade cleaning/lube/clp is common here. look up red ed and you can make your own for cheap and it with last forever. Clean it when you want its your gun. I clean mine all the time it a military thing drilled into my head. But I have a C9 that was only cleaned after 15 years of owning it. and It never failed with well over 10,000 rds trough it. also each gun is different.