Hi Point 40JC

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    Been gone for a while. Been busy. Speaking of busy, I just got to go to the range yesterday. I shot about 130 rounds through my 40 jc without 1 hiccup. All were 100 were 155grain American Eagle. 30 round were misalaineous hollowpoints that were about 2 years old. Some were Speer Gold Dot and others were Federal Hydroshock. Never one problem.

    I also shot 200 rounds of CCI MiniMags for my Ruger MarkII. Real accurate pistol.

    I shot from 15 ft to 45 ft. Both guns handled real well...the .22 stovepipe quite alot and had about 5 ftf out of 200. Pretty good for a 22.
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    How many rounds have you put through it since then?

  3. I traded my 22/45 for my 995 + goodies. I never had a stovepipe from it but it never really "fit" my hand right.